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Network security doubts

Your Challenges / Security

Do I have sufficient network security management?

As a business owner, CTO or even CEO of an organisation, you may find yourself often wondered what is transpiring on your corporate network. Is it safe and optimal and if not, do I require more network security management?

No doubt some or even all of these questions have been front of mind at some point:

  • Are my staff looking at non-authorised websites?
  • Why is my internet usage always so high?
  • Is my network performance and speed optimal?
  • Is my network security good enough?
  • Why are my calls unstable?
  • How can I get an overview of what is happening on my network?
  • Can some one access my network from outside?
  • Are unauthorised people accessing our WIFI network?

Peace of mind in knowing your network is managed.

Epic IT’s network management services are a core component of our MSA. Our extensive onboard procedures include a security assessment of the network to address some of the these questions for you.

More insights into your network.

In addressing the remaining questions above, you will require a greater understanding and control over your network. Epic IT offer advanced network management services aimed to provide clients with the correct platform, tools and insights to help take more control over their network.

This deeper level of management requires continuous interaction to be effective. Our management services are designed to take this hassle away so that you can focus on growing your business or organisation.

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