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Cyber security fears

Your Challenges / Security

New technology creates new cyber security threats?

As technology has advanced, data has become more accessible from more devices from more locations. This translates to information being delivered quicker than ever, to people requiring it faster than ever. Does this lead to more cyber security threats?

With the many advantages that an increased speed in information delivery brings to a business or organisation, having so much data so easily accessible creates considerable security head aches. Spare a thought for the IT manager or small business operator trying to maintain data governance and security across the wider network without compromising productivity to his or her staff.

Are you concerned about your business cyber security?

It is OK to be concerned. In fact you should be concerned. But why live in fear?

These fears are no longer bound to the traditional office network, computer or server environment. With the rapid evolution of cloud and mobility the landscape has now changed. With that change, come new cyber security threats.

Questions you may be asking yourself about cyber security.

  • Have I met my information security obligations?
  • What information are my staff sharing internally and externally?
  • How can I be sure the correct people are receiving the correct information?
  • Have I allocated sufficient resources to address our cyber security needs?
  • Is our sensitive data being stored and transmitted correctly?
  • Are my staff protected from email scams?
  • What is our company‚Äôs disaster recovery plan and when has it last been tested, reviewed or updated?
  • What is our plan in identifying and addressing current and new cyber security threats?
  • Who knows our passwords and when is the last time they were updated?
  • Have we addressed network and device use policies?
  • Do we have a defined user on-board and off-board ICT process?

Best you can do, is be prepared.

If you are already asking some of these questions, you have already begun the journey in a way.

There is no way to be certain that a system is impenetrable to cybersecurity threats. What we can ensure is that we are as best prepared as possible. And the best way to prepare for it is to start these conversations with a trusted partner.

Through our Managed IT Services, Epic IT will help formulate a roadmap to answer some of these questions for you. Hopefully, you will calm your data security fears.

Once our customers are on board with our MSA platform, Epic IT’s cybersecurity solution and advanced network services can help. These advanced management services can continue to be used to address other security concerns that threaten your organisation.

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