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VCIO and IT Strategy

Notifiable Data Breach Scheme

Your Challenges / Management & compliance

Preparing for the notifiable data breach scheme.

There have been many recent discussions on how the introduction of the NDB Legislation will be impacting Australian businesses and organisations. The legislation has left people asking questions. Questions around compliance and security and what they need to do to start preparing for the notifiable data breach scheme.

Here are a few common questions around NDB Compliance:

  • Does it affect MY business or organisation?
  • What do I need to do about it?
  • If I don’t do anything then what happens?
  • What tools or measures do I need to implement?
  • Do I have the resources to implement these tools or measures?

Want to learn more about the notifiable data breach scheme?

We have summarised the NDB scheme and how it affects your organisation so that you do not need to.

We can help with your data breach security.

If your business or organisation requires compliance with the NDB Scheme then Epic IT can help. Our team has developed data breach security services so that you can be better prepared. Prepared with the correct tools and services in mitigating cyber security threats to your data and information.

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