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VCIO and IT Strategy

Asset management concerns

Your Challenges / Management & compliance

Too much ICT to juggle already?

If you feel you are losing track of your computer asset management and finding it difficult to keep up in your already busy daily schedule, then let us do it instead.

During our managed IT services onboard, we will uniquely identify your ICT hardware and enter it into our computer asset management system. Once there, we can easily track and produce asset reports on demand and even give you online access to it.

Powerful computer asset management services.

  • Asset label tagging
  • Asset documentation
  • Serial number management
  • Warranty renewal and management
  • Life cycle management
  • On demand reporting
  • Self service client asset portal

We’ll keep track of your computer assets

So that you don’t need to.

Our managed IT services plans already include asset management so there is nothing more for you to do, but let our team get to work.

If you haven’t looked at our managed IT services approach, please have a read and see what other ICT proactive services we can be doing for your organisation to make your life easier.

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