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Increasing cloud costs

Your Challenges / Financial

Cost effective cloud, no longer cost effective. Due to increasing cloud costs.

So you decided to move to cloud to reduce your CapEx and take control of your OpEx – fantastic. Overall, your system has been performing well and your cloud solution is much more accessible and reliable than your previous setup. However since making the transition to cloud something doesn’t seem right. Your monthly invoice keeps showing increasing cloud costs and your support fees haven’t really dropped off as you would have hoped.

Your IT is now telling you that your increased storage and more powerful cloud server costs are to blame – and it is all just becoming a little bit too much.

So much so, you may find yourself now questioning why you moved to cloud in the first place?

If your organisation has been on a cloud system for a few years, you need to know that the landscape has dramatically changed. Cloud has become lighter, smarter and pay-as-you-go.

Tired of increasing cloud costs, is this you?

The modern desktop has delivered a new cloud computing experience. A cloud computing solution that does away with the traditional cloud server and instead delivers a seamless end point computing experience independent of device or location. Information at your finger tips in an environment built on collaboration, mobility and security at a fraction of the cost.

Small cloud, big success.

Our team will build a solution leveraging the best of public and private cloud leaving you with a low cost and very light cloud footprint.

When it comes to smart cloud solutions, less is more. So do not be the company that pays more and gets less.

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