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High IT support costs

Your Challenges / Financial

High computer IT support costs affecting more than just the bottom line.

Having your organisation endure unusually high computer IT support costs obviously impacts your OpEx and bottom line. What this cost also shows, is that your staff’s ability to be productive is being continuously impaired due to IT support issues. These support issues are not only costing you financially but also hold back your business or organisation from growth and success.

Is pay-as-you-go support too expensive?

The PAYG model can work well if engaged within a managed environment.

Under a SILVER MSA, our team will manage your environment proactively to eliminate underlying issues that would normally generate more problems. Our team will ensure the correct ICT business decisions are being made now to reduce problems later. As you will always require some level of service desk support, we offer the PAYG support service, which is SLA backed, at our reduced partner rate.

Offering PAYG support in a non-managed environment isn’t what we do. In doing so, we would only act as fire fighters putting out the immediate issue without having the proactive management layer to assess the bigger picture. This approach will not only affect you financially with high IT support costs but will also impair the productivity, progress and success of your organisation.

Reduce your high IT support costs while maximising your ICT potential.

Our MSA plans are design to do just this:

  • Eliminate underlying issues that are currently driving your support costs up
  • Introduce a proactive management layer that will reduce future problems from arising
  • Depending on MSA selected, our plans will absorb most if not all consultation, strategic planning, change and support requests

Pay less, get more.

Sounds like a great concept. Happy days.

It is that simple, if you want to take control and reduce your rising IT support costs while keeping your organisation moving forward, our managed IT services agreements will do just that.

Our insights reporting will even show you this return on investment on a monthly basis.

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