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Epic IT - Your Challenges Epic IT - Your Challenges

Your Challenges

We feel your pain

We know how hard it is to run a business and it is only more difficult when you have IT working against you.

Your IT needs to be aligned with your organisational goals and objectives in order for it to work with you in reaching success. If this isn’t the case, then it may be time to rethink your current strategy.


With the rapid evolution of cloud and mobility technologies have come fresh concerns about information security. If you are concerned about how your staff are sharing data or whether your company is doing enough to protect itself against cyber security then it may be time for a review.

Our team can also put to rest your network security concerns by deploying our advanced network management service.



Your current ICT system may be costing your organisation more than you think. Ongoing operating expenses will dramatically impact your bottom line but have you also considered how much your IT support is financially costing you?

In addition to paying high support fees or bills for recurring problems, lack of good support may also be slowing down your company’s ability to grow which also translates to financial loss.



As well as costing you in unnecessary support fees or loss of business, under performing ICT infrastructure or an IT support department that is not firing on all cylinders may be holding back your company from growth and success.

As is the case with ICT systems that have limited capacity. Your company may have hit a wall as the ICT engine room driving it can no longer scale with progress. If not planned in advanced this can cost your company in many ways.


Management & compliance

If you are losing track of your ICT assets or simply require help with your ICT asset management system then you may require our managed IT services. Our team can also assist with your software compliance, licensing, subscriptions and renewals which is all included in our proactive management.

Epic IT can also assist with the notifiable data breach legislation scheme to ensure you have the necessary tools in place to be more compliant and equipped for data breach threats.


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