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Not For Profit Partner 4

Our not for profit partner is a charity that supports and works with women and children escaping domestic and family violence.

Services Provided
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Do we move old on-premise server infrastructure to a new office location or do we go cloud?

Our partner’s ICT consisted of an on-premise server running virtualised workloads. The back up and DR system also required review due to age. When it came to moving the office in late 2018, discussions surfaced around the viability of a cloud migration. Factoring in Microsoft Philanthropy services offered for not for profit organisations, it became quite clear what needed to happen to ensure our not for profit partner took the most optimal approach moving forward both short and long term.

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Epic IT helped our not for profit partner secure Microsoft not-for-profit Office 365 and Azure benefits and transitioned their ICT to a full cloud environment

Epic IT migrated our partner’s ICT to the Microsoft cloud by moving their identity, productivity and collaboration services onto Microsoft O365 and Azure platforms. The organisation was migrated to Exchange Online email services along with Azure leveraging Microsoft Philanthropy credits and donations. Shortly after the cloud migration was complete, Epic IT assisted the not for profit organisation with the physical move of their HQ office which was an easy process given they where now completely cloud based.

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Our partner no long endures the hassles of running an on-premise server in their new office location, instead leverage cloud technology at a fraction of the cost

Our partner is now fully cloud based and securely access their ICT system from multiple office locations spanning the South East Corridor Perth region. In the process, Epic IT also helped the not for profit organisation consolidate and roll over their internet connections to high speed NBN. This involved the deployment of a new cloud telephony phone system since their old copper solution was no longer compatible.

"Epic IT provided us with an unbiased review that outlined advantages and disadvantages of retaining an on-premise server Vs migrating to a Cloud solution. The attractive not-for-profit Microsoft 365 and Azure concessions, coupled with improved operational efficiencies – made the choice abundantly clear with a Cloud solution being the best option. Our organisation was fortunate to have Epic IT assist us through the transition, as their professionalism and diligence ensured our switch over was relatively smooth with minimal downtime."

- Troy, Business Manager

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