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MGC Civil
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MGC Civil

MGC Civil

MGC Civil is a civil construction contractor specialising in the delivery of underground services associated with land development and subdivision projects.

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MGC Civil's current cloud system was significantly under performing.

MGC wanted to leverage their existing infrastructure to access their new cloud computing system without significantly investing in new hardware or having their team learn a new setup. Their current setup was already cloud based however was underperforming and needed ongoing support to maintain. Epic IT were approached for a fresh new solution.

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Epic IT recommended a cloud based published application environment

Epic IT’s custom “Cloud App” solution with bundled managed services was the end solution. To ensure consistent user experience, each client workstation was brought up to the latest Windows 10 Professional platform. All line of business cloud applications were delivered remotely via Microsoft cloud environment whereas memory and graphical intensive applications such as web browsers and skype for business was powered locally through the workstations.

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Epic IT's remote cloud app approach was exactly what the doctor ordered

MGC’s core processes are now being delivered via powerful cloud applications straight to their Windows 10 desktops. This has not only allowed for a more seamless user experience, it has also created an environment where local and cloud apps function side by side. In doing so, MGC have a more cost-effective cloud footprint. With further integration into Microsoft Office 365 Email and Collaboration services, MGC Civil received the perfect cloud solution.

"Epic IT have really delivered through their cloud solution. The migration project was executed thoroughly and concisely much to the credit of their audit and project delivery processes. What then really impressed us was the ongoing support post migration. Through Epic IT’s managed services, our staff are always well supported and kept in the loop at all times. I would recommend Epic IT to any business looking to transition to either cloud or managed services – or BOTH, as we did. Full credit to Greg and his team."

- Patrick Murphy, Chief Financial Officer

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