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Microsoft SharePoint and managed cyber security

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Our partner is a civil construction contractor specialising in the delivery of underground services associated with land development and subdivision projects.

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Our partner's current cloud system was no longer cost effective and now underperforming.

In 2015, this partner approached Epic IT to help improve their old cloud system. As a result, our team transitioned the underperforming Remote Desktop Solution to a “Cloud App” solution. All line of business cloud applications were delivered remotely via the Microsoft Azure cloud environment whereas memory and graphical intensive applications such as web browsers and skype for business was powered locally through the workstations. Our partner was rapt with the result.

However in 2020 this solution was no longer optimal. Cloud applications evolved, collaboration matured. The Microsoft public cloud got smarter and offerings such as Microsoft SharePoint now took center stage meaning our partner’s setup was no optimal from both a cost and performance perspective. Again, our team was challenged to provide a solution in a year that COVID-19 stamped its presence around the world and demanded all businesses change the way they do business. This meant businesses needed to explore more avenues to not just cut costs and survive, but to rapidly adapt to a new remote workplace “norm”, which was a shift in the traditional workplace environment. All while continuing to prosper?

Challenge accepted.

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Our Microsoft SharePoint consultants recommended a SharePoint implementation.

Epic IT built on the 2015 theme of bringing the modern workplace back to the desktop. Creating a desktop experience where users can utilise their local devices more efficiently and leverage online collaborative products such as Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Teams all powered by Microsoft 365. The solution involved creating a custom file management and collaboration solution powered by Microsoft SharePoint Online.

So our SharePoint consultants got to work creating a SharePoint site that was designed to super charge our partner’s existing business processes. The platform was designed to share company documents and data to staff who previously accessed files via a dedicated cloud server. Our SharePoint team designed the solution with dual access methods in mind. The primary method meant accessing SharePoint purely via the web browser, unleashing its full collaborative potential along with creating the “multi device, same experience” modern workplace. The second method catered for a more traditional “file server” approach allowing users to access cloud based documents and sync offline data utilising the system in a way they were already familiar with. This approach allowed users to transition to the new solution at their own pace, whilst remaining productive.

Once complete, our team decommissioned the existing cloud servers. No servers meant more money in the customer’s pocket all while receiving a very secure, flexible and scalable solution accessible from any device, from any location.

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The Microsoft SharePoint implementation slashed costs and super charged our partner’s IT.

Not only did Epic IT manage to implement a more powerful and modern file management and collaboration system in Microsoft SharePoint Online, but our team also managed to slash our partner’s IT cloud costs by over 50%. This allowed Epic IT to also implement our managed cyber security solution to compliment the new SharePoint platform.

Lastly, Microsoft Teams was deployed to make team members more collaborative and productive whether it be in the office, at home or on the road while dropping the kids off at school. The Microsoft “Modern Workplace Experience” was now in full swing. More POWERFUL, more FLEXIBLE and CHEAPER.

It was the perfect solution, right?

"As was the case in 2015 when Epic IT delivered their original cloud solution to replace the old, in 2020 they did it again . The Microsoft SharePoint migration project was executed thoroughly and concisely much to the credit of their audit and project delivery processes. It was the perfect cloud solution for our current needs. What then really impressed us was the ongoing support post migration. Through Epic IT’s managed services, our staff are always well supported and kept in the loop at all times. I would recommend Epic IT to any business looking to transition to either cloud or managed services – or BOTH, as we did. Full credit to Greg and his team."

- Patrick, Chief Financial Officer

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