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Cloud Server and Microsoft Office 365

For Profit Partner 3

Since 1984, Our partner has prided themselves on their ability to provide high quality food products to Australian families.

Services Provided
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With an end of life Microsoft Small Business server on their hands, Our partner needed a more robust and flexible long term solution.

Our partner turned to Epic IT to not just replace their end of life Microsoft Small Business server but to provide a more longer term, robust and flexible solution that would be more easily accessible from multiple locations. The physical on premise server was proving unreliable, with failing hardware components causing downtime to company operations. Our partner also required a higher speed internet connection to drive better performance to future systems.

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Epic IT recommended a transition to Microsoft Office 365 for email and Microsoft Azure for infrastructure.

Epic IT recommended an upgrade to a fixed line high speed connection to make the cloud transition easier and a long-term viable solution for our partner. Once connection would be in place, Epic IT would transition our client’s data and applications to the Microsoft cloud. The Exchange server would be migrated to Microsoft Office 365 whereas applications and would move straight to a private cloud server hosted on Microsoft Azure platform.

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Our partner migrated to Microsoft Office 365 and Azure IAAS and have experienced virtually zero down time since migration.

Since migration, our partner has experienced a very reliable system delivered to their office via fixed line high speed internet. Our partner also moved to a thin client deployment simplifying the desktop environment. Access from outside their main office has also improved making the system a lot more flexible than before.

"Our cloud solution has been extremely reliable, fast and allowed employees to maximise their efficiency. Plus we have Epic IT standing by for expert support when needed."

- Daniel, Chief Technology Officer

Epic IT Man

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