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For Profit Partner 2

For Profit Partner 2

Our partner has become the premier exporter and market leader of Australian hay and straw overseas.

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Our partner was looking to consolidate licensing and leverage cloud where possible for more reliability, flexibility and the potential to move to full cloud environment in future

Epic IT have managed our partner’s ICT for well over 14 years. As a very successful business and having enjoyed healthy organic growth our partner was looking further for a competitive edge to transform their collaboration and productivity. The solution also required to be robust and reliable when deployed to its many farm and remote sites, some stretching into very rural areas of Australia where high-speed internet is simply not an option.

If the cloud solution was to be a success it would have to function reliably across all sites which do not all have the luxury of fixed line connections. Our partner wanted better collaboration between staff, access to richer internet-based content (video streaming etc), access to their existing core applications such as Microsoft Exchange email, Microsoft Dynamics plus many more of their existing line of business apps. Delivering these apps and services in a seamless and consistent experience to all users, devices and sites had to be key. While at it, our partner also wanted to address their DR plan to boost their RTO (recovery time objective) and know they would be protected should the worst happen.

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Epic IT recommended a transition to a hybrid environment leveraging Microsoft Office 365 and Azure technologies.

Epic IT recommended upgrading our partner’s current on-premise environment to allow better virtualisation and connectivity with Microsoft Office 365 and Azure recovery sites and services. Leveraging Microsoft Office 365 licensing, our partner’s licensing would be bundled and consolidated. Epic IT would provision a remote application environment, leveraging Microsoft Office 365 for email and SharePoint services addressing documents management needs while boosting up time and reliability. Our partner’s entire on-premise server environment would be backed up to Microsoft cloud for redundancy.

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A move to Microsoft Office 365 and Azure IAAS was the beginning of something great.

After Epic IT successfully transitioned our partner’s on premise email system to cloud, setup SharePoint and implemented a disaster recovery backup solution via Microsoft cloud, our partner immediately commenced discussions around transitioning more workloads to cloud. Their core workloads were now being delivered leveraging a hybrid cloud solution. In doing so, our partner have also moved away from a perpetual licensing model which was less scalable and instead moved to a consumption “pay as you go” system that scales with their requirements.

Our partner has since implemented Microsoft Teams in order to further boost their collaboration and communication across all sites.

"Epic IT look after our entire IT department ranging from support to management and procurement for a very long time now. Their highly skilled and friendly team have taken the time to really understand our unique ICT needs and operations. We are a 24/7 multiple site operation spanning across Australia (with our head office in West Perth) making up a 100+ user environment. Epic IT support all of our Australian based sites and offices both remotely and onsite. We are very excited to have Epic IT lead us down our cloud transformation journey particularly as we now continue to build upon the Microsoft Office 365 platform. I would not hesitate recommending Epic IT to any small to medium sized business looking to outsource their ICT needs."

- Justin, Business Services Manager

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