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Cloud file sharing

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Migrate to cloud file sharing.

Cloud file sharing is the the key cog in any collaborative environment. Users must be able to create documents from anywhere, on any device and bring that to a collaborative environment. An environment that allows information to be easily shared both internally and externally to the organisation.

We will help you migrate to cloud file sharing which will enable your organisation to create that environment.

Introducing SharePoint Online for cloud file sharing.

Microsoft 365 SharePoint can be used as a simple file server and map drive replacement allowing organisations to move away from their traditional file server sharing system. Epic IT have a proven process that will help you organise and migrate your data to replace your current file sharing solution.

Traditional File Access

Access your data from any device either via local sync or on-demand reducing your local storage footprint and delivering a familiar file access experience your staff already know.

Access via web browser

Connect to your company data via a web browser leveraging local desktop applications or online web apps allowing your staff to get to their data from anywhere, with any device.

Sharing and security

Epic IT will deploy our standard SharePoint environment we have developed in balancing security and productivity. Our team will work with you in further controling access internally and how your company data is shared with the outside world.

So much more than file sharing.

As a powerful cloud based document management and collaboration platform, file sharing is just the beginning with Microsoft SharePoint Online.

File Storage

Receive a massive 1 TB of cloud storage for your organisation you can access from anywhere and at anytime.

External Sharing

Securely share files and content with people inside and outside your organisation.

Content Management

Manage content in libraries and lists with metadata, records management, and retention policies.

Team Sites

Provide a place for your team to organise and collaborate on content, data and news.

Communication Sites

Communicate your group’s message across the organisation with dynamic communication sites.


Automate business processes with alerts and workflows leveraging Microsoft Flow.

Mobile Apps

Access intranets, team sites and content the SharePoint mobile app for Android™, iOS®, and Windows.


Customise your enterprise search and results with enhanced features to surface resources across Office 365.

Data Loss Prevention

Advanced data-loss prevention capabilities to identify, monitor, and protect sensitive information.

We will take you there, and beyond.

Epic IT will help get your organisation onto the Microsoft SharePoint online platform. From there the “cloud” is the limit to how far you want to go.

We would love to be part of that journey.

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