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Cloud phone system

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Migrate your business phone system to the cloud.

The Microsoft Teams calling will allow you to migrate your business phone system to cloud. Epic IT can help migrate your traditional PBX phone system to cloud and make that experience seamless.

Microsoft Teams Desktop Phone.

With all handsets benefiting from a regulated Microsoft ROM running inside the certified device, you can expect reliable and high-quality voice and video while providing seamless integration into your current Microsoft Office 365 and Teams environment.

Epic IT will supply and manage the correct Microsoft Teams device to deliver the most optimal collaborative experience to your organisation.

More than just a phone system

Leveraging Microsoft Office 365, experience unified communications at its collaborative best. All the features of a traditional phone system integrated into the powerful collaborative platform in Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams ready

Built upon Microsoft Office 365, the Teams Phone system is part of Microsoft Teams. A powerful and popular collaboration platform extending your current Microsoft Teams experience into voice and telephony. Leverage your entire phone system within a familiar platform from anywhere, at any time.

Phone System in the cloud

As a full cloud based solution, the Microsoft Teams Phone system does not require any hardware to run. Leveraging the soft phone feature makes the traditional desktop handset optional. This allows users to manage call features in Microsoft Office 365 such as hold, forward, transfer, and voicemail.

Business Ready Phone

Easy to deploy for any business or organisation. Meaning you can start using the Microsoft Teams Phone system faster and enjoy features you expect sooner. Features such as number porting, auto-attendant, emergency calling, toll-free numbers, and flexible calling plans. On top of a collaboration experience like no other.

Device flexibility

Enable telephone calls from wide range of devices. Including desktop handsets, Windows PCs, Mac, Android and IOS smart phone devices. Bringing a consistent voice and collaboration experience to your team from any device, anywhere.


Protect your organisation with enhanced security features powered by the powerful Microsoft Office 365 security framework. From encryption and security protocols to physical and operational security, peace of mind knowing your calls and sensitive data are safe.

Identity Management

Streamline identity management with phone numbers linked to the powerful Azure Active Directory. Eliminating the need to run two contact systems in parallel which most traditional systems need to do. Now you can manage all your contacts centrally with ease.

The Microsoft Teams Phone system is the new disruptive force in business telephony. Merging the powerful Teams collaboration experience with traditional telephony to deliver a powerful business phone solution. One that delivers the ultimate collaborative experience to your team, accessible from virtually anywhere.

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