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Microsoft Azure

Our Solutions / Infrastructure

What is Microsoft Azure in simple terms?

Microsoft Azure is a public cloud infrastructure platform that enables a wide range of cloud services for consumption. Our team will help you seamlessly migrate to Microsoft Azure. Leveraging the various cloud components of Microsoft Azure allows us to build a solution around your specific needs. A solution that is scalable, reliable and cost effective where you only pay for what you need.

Migrate to Microsoft Azure and enjoy cloud features on demand.


Compute resources consist of processing (CPU) and memory (RAM) required to power cloud servers and appliances. Compute resources can be scaled as required meaning you only pay for what is consumed.


Storage resources are used to store files that can be used for applications such as virtual disks and backups. Microsoft Azure caters for a wide range of storage performance options depending on the workload.


Leveraging Azure networking resources to build secure virtual networks. Networks that connect physical and cloud workloads, sites and end points to each other. Also used to connect additional branch offices together.


Delivering a unified security management system and providing advanced threat protection features. Security for your cloud and hybrid infrastructure. We leverage the Azure security stack to also deliver advanced security features to your Microsoft Office 365 environment.

Identity Services

Identity services are used to store and manage user security profiles and features. Features like active directory, two factor authentication and domain synchronization. Commonly used in many mixed model environments to add more security and redundancy.

Backup and Recovery

Epic IT leverage Microsoft Azure’s backup and recovery services. A service that allows our team to build highly available disaster recovery systems to protect your infrastructure. We make you redundancy and up time a priority by further replicating your system across multiple facilities.

Epic solutions on Microsoft Azure.

Our infrastructure solutions are built from ground up leveraging this powerful IaaS platform.

Many of Epic IT’s core cloud infrastructure products are powered by the Microsoft Azure infrastructure. These products include private cloud servers, cloud desktops, cloud backups and data security solutions.

$3,500 USD Azure credit for not-for-profit.

Did you know Microsoft Philanthropies services offer not-for-profit organisations $3,500 USD credit each year. Credit to fund Microsoft Azure services and solutions to power their ICT infrastructure.

Epic IT have helped many NFP organisations partner and achieve these sponsorship benefits with Microsoft. As we have helped many NFP’s make the shift to Microsoft cloud computing, we would love to do the same for you.

Cloud channel partner Rhipe, recently named Epic IT as a top 10 national consumer of Microsoft Azure via their CSP program. Our director was invited to attend the Microsoft Inspire 2018 conference in Las Vegas, USA

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