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On Premise Systems

On premise systems

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The on-premise local server model is alive and well.

As a cloud first company, our solutions predominately comprise of full / hybrid cloud solutions. That said, we do not discount the considerable benefits of leveraging on-premise infrastructure in local server setups to deliver you the most optimal solution.

When do local server setups work well?

On-premise implementations are typically adopted in scenarios where under performing internet connections hinder the performance of a cloud or remotely hosted system. In other rarer instances, compliance may serve as factor in housing some or most of your infrastructure in a local server setup. In any case, Epic IT will work with you to present a range of options to meet your organisations requirements.

By leveraging virtualisation technology, our team will design an local server setup to most efficiently utilise the hardware and deliver that ROI sooner than you expect.

Choose your on premise model.

Our solutions team will suggest the most suitable on-premise model to meet your requirements. Virtual servers are most commonly used to allow easier management, better utilisation of hardware and future portability or integration into hybrid cloud models.

Physical Servers

Physical servers are where the server operating system is directly installed onto the hardware. The server operating system is granted full and exclusive access to all the local resources residing on that system and is the only server present.

HyperVisor Hosts

Also know as a host machine, hypervisor servers runs special software such as Microsoft Hyper-V allowing multiple logical “virtual” servers to run on the same machine distributing the local system resources to its virtual servers.

Virtual Servers

Virtual servers are the logical instances (known as virtual machines) of normal servers. There can be multiple virtual servers residing upon one host machine and while logically isolated from each other, the VM’s share the underlying system infrastructure.

Ongoing support of your system.

Following deployment, our MSA plans will proactively manage your on-premise server system to ensure it is secured and operating optimally.

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