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Cloud desktops and apps

Our Solutions / Infrastructure

Helping you migrate to cloud desktops and apps infrastructure.

Epic it will simplify your end point desktop management and help you migrate to cloud desktops. A solution that will centrally deliver your core desktop and application environment to your devices. Doing so will create a standard operating environment that is easier to manage and secure.

Cloud RDS Desktops.

Building upon traditional remote desktop server (RDS) technologies. Epic IT will deliver virtual server desktops to your devices.

Migrate to our RDS

Our team can migrate your existing cloud or on-premise RDS solution. To give you a solution that is more managed.

Built on Windows Server

Built on core Window Server technology. Delivering the security and efficiency of a tested operating system to your desktop.

Scale and optimise

Ability to dynamically scale your RDS server. Delivering the most optimal experience to your desktop environment.

Migrate to Windows 10 via cloud desktop.

Delivered through the latest Microsoft Azure VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) platform. We can deliver a full Windows 10 desktop experience via cloud.

Familiar desktop

Increasing usability across your organisation by delivering a desktop experience every one already knows in Windows 10. This reduces learning curves and adoption time of your new cloud desktop solution.

Centrally Managed

A centrally managed desktop allows Epic IT to package Windows 10 more efficiently and securely. Creating a redundant environment reducing deployment times while securing all your desktop data in cloud.

Integration with 365

The best Microsoft 365 experience on virtual desktop technology. Allowing seamless Office 365 app integration such as OneDrive. In doing so, we are providing a more consistent experience across all desktops.

Your applications published via cloud.

Epic IT can publish select applications via cloud allowing you to run a hybrid desktop environment

Boost app performance

Publishing your critical apps via cloud will decrease latency of that single application. Increased performance results from having both the program and its supporting data are housed in the same location. This reduces the internet traffic required to operate that application as the traffic is more localised in cloud, enhancing users experience.

Enhance user experience

For organisations that require the use of graphical intense applications and services such as graphic design, video and CAD workloads. Having a mixed desktop environment will allow those applications to be accessed locally. This approach utilises local computer resources leaving other better suited apps to be delivered via cloud.

Optimal cloud footprint

By leveraging only select applications to be delivered remotely via cloud you essentially reduce the compute and storage resources of your private cloud infrastructure. As our cloud solutions are “pay as you go”, this means you are left with a more cost effective cloud footprint. Saving you money because you are utilizing local desktop resources.

Cloud desktops and apps managed by us.

Epic IT will deliver a cloud desktop solution fully supported through our managed IT services. Meaning you can take comfort in knowing that your cloud solution is fully managed by our local team based in right here in Perth, Western Australia.

Part of this management is to monitor your solution to ensure it is always secure and optimal. Peace of mind knowing that your cloud solution is working the same way since day one of deployment.

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