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Lay the foundation that will support your growth.

IT Infrastructure is your core foundation that everything is built upon. Combinations can incorporate full cloud computing infrastructure, hybrid cloud or on-premise servers. Getting your core infrastructure right is paramount to achieving ICT success. The right approach will ultimately govern the success of any solution built upon it.

What should your infrastructure be doing for you?


Your infrastructure must serve its purpose in serving your organisation. Our solutions team will plan and design your infrastructure solution around your requirements and constraints to ensure it meets and exceeds expectation as a high-performing and reliable backbone to power your ICT solution.


Infrastructure must scale. This means increasing the capacity of the system in response to new projects and growing teams. Our design will ensure your organisation will not just rapidly scale to meet demands but also retract when these requirements reduce. Elasticity is a key characteristic of cloud computing infrastructure.

Cost Effective

Upfront capital, ongoing running and management costs must be front of mind when designing infrastructure to power your organisation. During the pre-sales process, our solutions team will identify the most cost effective approach to serve your organisation without comprising performance or scalability.

We leverage various partner cloud platforms so we can supply our customers with a completely unbiased solution. A solution that is most optimal for their needs, and not ours.

greg markowski, managing director

Cloud computing infrastructure or on-premise. So which model is best?

Epic IT will design an infrastructure solution based on cloud computing, on-premise or hybrid models. Epic IT will unlock the most optimal balance in performance, scalability and cost effectiveness for your organisation.

Cloud computing IaaS

Cloud IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) refers to compute and storage resources residing on shared infrastructure. These resources are used to create and power workloads such as cloud servers, backup systems, networks and so forth. Epic IT leverage Microsoft Azure to deliver a secure, private cloud.

On Premise

Any equipment that resides in your office is generally considered on premise infrastructure. Our team still deploy many on-premise servers and systems even though most deployments these days are cloud based. In any case, Epic IT will work with you in selecting the most optimal approach.

Hybrid cloud computing

Cloud and on-premise workloads working together. Used to complement your on-premise system with an additional layer of redundancy. A hybrid cloud computing solution could be used to retain responsive applications on-premise. And leverage cloud for more passive services when faced with under performing internet.

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