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Data Breach Security

Managed cybersecurity solution

Our Solutions / Cyber Security services

Addressing cybersecurity for desktop and mobile.

Our cybersecurity solutions enhance your security and management across your desktop and mobile environment.

Cybersecurity solutions.

The security solution will continuously monitor and protect your Microsoft Office 365 environment detecting and blocking common cyber attack threats as they happen.

As the protection follows you across any device and location, your staff will always remain protected when accessing their email, OneDrive and SharePoint data both inside and outside the office.

Protection against human error.

Our security solution will embed itself in popular desktop and mobile applications like Microsoft Outlook and OneDrive. Once activated, the system detects unintentional actions that could lead to data breaches.

The system warns you of high-risk activities that could lead to data breaches. It’s like having your own IT security team in your pocket all the time.

Keeping our cybersecurity experts informed in real time.

Our team gets a complete insight into your organisational data security, as threats are automatically logged into our service management system. This real-time security feed keeps our team engaged in eliminating threats and reducing the risk of cyber attacks, undermining your information security.

Wide range of cybersecurity options available.

Our security platform leverages powerful features from Microsoft 365 to provide a solution to combat cyber security and data breaches.

Depending on the functions required, we have several cybersecurity plans at our disposal.

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Email and document security.

Powerful security components of Microsoft Office 365 will be used to protect your productivity and collaboration apps including Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel and Teams.

Know that your team is protected from data breaches and cyber attacks when sending and receiving e-mails. Intelligent detection of sensitive information, including credit card or tax numbers, will help prevent unintentional disclosure. Or simply questioning whether the person you are emailing is who they claim to be.

Protect your organisation when users collaborate and share files by identifying malicious files, unauthorised use, embedded links, or unusual file activity including mass deletion.

You can also sleep well knowing that your cloud data is fully secured at a secondary location outside Microsoft data centres and within Australia.

Managed security on any device, anywhere.

More power for you with the ability to apply information security policies to your devices. Control how, when, where and by whom data is shared within your organisation.

Provides advanced mobile app security to protect your business data from third-party apps. Particularly important for mobile environments of BYO, where business and personal aspects mix.

Give you the ability to remotely support, manage and configure your mobile devices to create a standard mobile operating environment that is more secure, productive and manageable.

Let our team create policies for your mobile fleet by implementing conditional access controls based on geographic location, time, user or document to restrict or block certain operations.

When required, have the ability to rapidly deprovision and remote wipe devices subjected to theft, gone missing or have found themselves in the wrong hands.

Access interactive reporting.

Epic IT provides further transparency by providing customers with access to detailed reports and insights into their information security.

Observe first-hand which cyber security attacks and threats have been identified and blocked. Look at trends and problem areas, so we can introduce more proactive controls and measures.

Sharing these insights with our customers allows our security team to work more closely with your organisation to achieve a more optimal and secure environment.

We are only human. Anyone can be tricked, manipulated or just make a mistake on a bad day. Do not endanger the information and data security of your company on days when your vigilance decreases.

Powerful cyber security protecting your data.

Our cyber security offerings are delivered through both fixed plan and supplementary services.

Multi-factor authentication

Our team will use your employees mobile devices to introduce an additional level of authentication to eliminate the risk of unauthorised logins from unknown devices or locations.

DLP Policies

Epic IT will introduce data loss prevention policies to identify and control the handling and sharing of sensitive data on your desktop and mobile environment.

& user risk policies

Our team of security experts can detect suspicious and unknown behaviour in login and user account activity and determine whether accounts have been or are being compromised.

Audit Logging

Possibility for our security experts to track and review historical user and account behaviour to correct false alarms or investigate attempts at data breach.

Cyber Security Testing

In addressing further vulnerabilities, our team of cyber security experts will perform attack simulations to test your organisation’s level of cyber security awareness.

Cyber Security Training

Workshops for your team to raise general cyber security awareness. Including best practices to further protect your staff from common attack techniques used.


Protect your employees with real-time verification of web addresses (URLs) in emails and office documents.


Protect your employees with real-time verification of email attachments to determine if malicious content exists before it is delivered to your email inbox.

O365 Security Score

A cyber security rating that compares your organisational security with an industry base created by Microsoft.

Continuous assessment

Our team of cybersecurity experts is generally the first to learn about new threats, vulnerabilities, or better techniques to secure your organisation. As the threat landscape develops, so does your security.


Automatically detect and block phishing attempts aimed at getting your team to disclose sensitive information used against your organisation or employees.

O365 Email and Document backups

Secure your cloud data, which consists of e-mail, OneDrive, and SharePoint data, in an alternative data centre that is external and not directly accessible from Microsoft 365 facilities.

Device Security

Securing devices beyond the standard firewall and anti-virus layers through intelligent information and application security.

Information Rights Management

Control the security of your data by preventing users from printing, marking up or even accessing your documents after a certain period.

Social Engineering Security

Providing automated detection, blocking and education to your organisation to help foil impersonation attempts designed to trick your team into disclosure or financial loss.

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