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Cybersecurity Awareness Training for your staff

Epic IT has worked with industry leaders to develop a managed cybersecurity awareness training platform aimed at educating, training and testing your organisation in cyber defense.

Our platform is perfect for the many different industries where information security is top priority. It is an affordable training option that allows participants to easily interact with and access online content from their existing locations. Our team will monitor progress and hold regular meetings with your staff to help drive cybersecurity awareness and improve habits.

From simulated phishing attacks targeting entire organisations or departments to “USB drive tests” designed to lure unwary staff, you will soon have an accurate snapshot of where your strongest and weakest security points are.

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Cybersecurity awareness training platform benefits

Targeted Campaigns

Our cybersecurity team will customise specific campaigns to suit your business or organisation. This is done by identifying where your cyber “weak links” are and developing a cybersecurity awareness strategy to improve and harden those areas.

Machine Learning and AI

With the power of AI (Artificial Intelligence), the cybersecurity awareness platform will learn your staff’s habits and behaviors based off results it receives. Using this level of machine learning, the platform will deliver adapted training content to maximise (and accelerate) cybersecurity awareness growth and improvement across your business.

Dynamic Content

The online training content and programs are constantly being reviewed, refreshed and updated to ensure they are current with a very fast changing cybersecurity threat landscape. As new cyber attack vectors are discovered, the training content is also updated to always keep your staff “cybersecurity aware”

Simulated Phishing Attacks

Fully automated simulated phishing, vishing and smishing attacks designed to really test your weakest cyber security links. This is done by leveraging thousands of templates with unlimited usage.

Dedicated strategy meetings

Scheduled, dedicated meetings with our cybersecurity team to review results, performance and cybersecurity strategy. As a 12-month campaign, the cybersecurity training strategy will require some steering in order to maximise the benefits.

Pay per user

Very flexible, affordable and scalable to suit any business size and growth trajectory. Paying per user ensures you only pay for staff that access your IT system and are at most risk of targeted cyber attack or data breach.

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