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Your virtual CIO leading the way.

Our leadership team consists of technical account managers and senior engineers collectively acting as your virtual CIO leadership service. Your virtual CIO will help your drive your ICT journey. They can assist in making the right decisions, avoid hurdles and roadblocks that would normally disrupt your organisation. Doing so, will help you reach those business objectives sooner.

In reaching these goals, it is important to establish an ICT strategy and road map early in the process. We start this by having the right discussions from day one. This plan is then communicated to our team to ensure they too are making the right choices. Choices in your day to day IT environment and decisions that will align with your ICT strategy.

Our approach to leadership gets all players on the same team, playing the same game all working towards the same goal. Virtual CIO leadership is available through all our managed IT services.

What you can expect from our Virtual CIO leadership team.

Our virtual CIO and leadership service is included across all of our MSA’s. Having a virtual CIO resource in your organisation is worth its weight in gold however recruiting one is not financially feasible for most.

As a managed partner, we can offer you this service as part of your MSA cost. Our virtual CIO doesn’t get sick, go on holidays or change jobs. They are always there to help, advise and guide you along your IT journey.

Virtual CIO

Your own virtual Chief Information Officer on call for guidance, sound boarding and proactively working with you.

Road mapping

Our leadership team will help formulate a strategic IT plan to ensure your tech pathway is aligning with your organisational goals.

TAM meetings

Technical account manager meetings to ensure we are always on your page as we continue to work towards that common goal.

Managed procurement

Ensuring correct hardware, software and services are procured that will only positively impact your organisation.

Insights and reporting

Leveraging our interactive reporting system, providing full insights into the performance of your MSA and ROI.

Vendor management

Our leadership team working closely with 3rd party suppliers, vendors and service providers to ensure positive results.

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