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Your Virtual CIO team, leading the way.

Our VCIO team consists of IT managers, IT strategists and IT procurement staff, collectively acting as your Virtual CIO team. Your virtual CIO team will help navigate your ICT journey. They help your management team make the right decisions about your IT by advising how technology can best be used to improve efficiency and promote positive growth in your business.

We begin by developing a solid ICT strategy that helps you get where you need to be, and from there we help you implement and manage it.

Managed Virtual CIO services are available via all our managed IT service packages.

Virtual CIO benefits

Epic IT’s VCIO services are what sets us apart from our competitors. A well-managed IT department means less disruption and unexpected costs for you. The following VCIO benefits are all included as standard when partnering with Epic IT’s Managed IT Services.

Dedicated IT Manager

Access to a highly experienced, dedicated IT manager who leads the VCIO team. Your IT manager will guide you through your IT journey. They will always speak your language and ensure that your IT ecosystem always serves your business effectively. And if your IT system does not tick the boxes, make sure you have a plan to get there.

Your IT manager will leverage the expertise and experience of the VCIO team to keep you in touch with the best IT strategy for your company. They also work closely with the Service Delivery Manager to ensure that the highest level of service is provided to your organisation.

IT strategy and Auditing

One of the many things our team is passionate about is our focus on building effective IT strategies. The VCIO team has developed an IT baseline audit system against which we continuously measure our customers.

The ongoing audit means we maintain an up-to-date IT score on your environment, allowing your IT manager to “plug the holes” and continuously improve your IT. In this way, our customers will clearly see the start and destination of their IT journey, and keep them closely involved at every step of the way in achieving this IT success.

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IT Quarterly Business Reviews

Our quarterly business review meetings (QBR’s) take place every three months with your IT manager. One of the main objectives of these meetings is to review the progress of your IT strategy by examining the ongoing audit results. We identify areas that are lagging or in need of improvement, and align their solutions with your current IT strategy.

During the QBR, we will also cover items such as service and system performance. In addition, our IT manager will discuss IT budgets, including the expenditure of managed IT services, as some of these may require refinement. Especially over time, as your company goes through different growth cycles.

Managed Procurement

Our managed procurement services take the time and hassle of procuring new hardware and software away from you. Our sales team will present unbiased options for your review, in order to make the most informed decisions about items purchased by your organisation.

Epic IT has a wide range of partnerships with our channel partners and suppliers. This partnership allows us to source and supply products to our managed customers quickly and at competitive prices.

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MSA Insights and Reporting

As we value your investment in our services, our Managed Services Agreement Insights (MSA Insights) have been designed with complete transparency in mind. MSA Insights offers our customers the opportunity to check how their managed IT services are working. Insights that not only show how our services help your company, but also highlight the return on investment you receive.

This approach not only makes us more accountable as a managed IT service provider, but also puts our customers in the driver’s seat, giving them an intimate insight into what is happening across all aspects of their IT department.

Vendor Liaison

Unfortunately, as companies tend to focus on “business,” most will lack the time and expertise to have the informed IT discussions required with third-party vendors. Other providers can be responsible for your phone systems, internet services or application support (to name a few), and all play a critical role in your entire IT ecosystem.

Since these providers are part of “IT,” it is imperative to have more holistic IT discussions with these vendors, to ensure nothing is left out, which could otherwise prove costly in the long run.

The VCIO team will help you liaise with these vendors to ensure that you get the attention you need, and that your IT is always heading in the right direction.

IT Solution Design

The VCIO team will draw on their IT management, technical and commercial expertise to design, propose and deliver successful IT solutions to your company.

Our IT solutions are tailored to your specific needs and are accompanied by a detailed project charter to ensure everyone is on the same page. From that point on, our VCIO team will do all the project management and heavy lifting for you. Our Managed IT Services team will implement and then fully support your IT Solution.

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IT Quoting

Servicing your daily IT needs in hardware, software and infrastructure procurement, our VCIO team will work hard to identify and quote only the best suited systems for your company’s needs.

All quotations are delivered online promptly and can be viewed, adjusted and approved from any device, anywhere, using a standard website browser. The entire process can be managed via your smartphone with a single click.

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Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

Your IT managers, along with our Service Manager and Service Leads, all review your “CSAT” feedback. All CSAT reviews are generated directly by your own employees who receive our managed IT services and support. The VCIO team closely examine each CSAT review to ensure continuous recognition of great service or to identify areas where a process may need to be adjusted.

We are proud of our CSAT reviews, and our IT managers really enjoy sharing feedback we have received back with our customers.

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What you can expect from our virtual CIO leadership team.

Having a virtual CIO resource in your organisation is worth its weight in gold however recruiting one is not financially feasible for most businesses.

As a managed IT services partner, we can offer you this service as part of your MSA. Our virtual CIO doesn’t get sick, go on holidays or change jobs. They are always there to help, advise and guide you along your IT journey.

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