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Outsourcing to a Managed IT service provider in Perth

As a Managed IT Service Provider, our team will deliver an outstanding and uninterrupted level of IT service to your business. Outsourcing your IT means eliminating exposure to common in-house challenges and risks. These can include staff availability, knowledge and training, staff turnover or just freeing your existing staff to focus on their actual roles. Partnering with a quality MSP, mitigates these challenges facing your business.

To produce the complete IT service, it would require leveraging a team anywhere from 10 or more professionals. Where each would be a master of their specific IT craft, rather than a “jack of all trades”. It would prove very difficult and costly for an SMB organisation to internally replicate a department like this.

Our Managed IT Service gives you exactly this. Delivering value-add IT services back to your business, uninterrupted and at a fraction of the cost. And not to mention, freeing up your staff’s time.

We make changing your IT Service Provider easy

Changing IT Service providers is an undertaking most businesses will forever put off. It is commonly perceived as a very painful and time-consuming exercise. Instead many businesses, will continue to put up with an underwhelming service such as inefficient IT support, expensive bills and poor leadership (to name a few!). While under the illusion that switching IT service providers will just create more problems than it will fix.

If you are currently outsourcing your IT support and not receiving the right level of service, you must make the change. The good news is our team will take all the heavy lifting away from you, ensuring switching IT providers is a seamless transition. We will ensure your entire team is on the same page and guided through the onboard experience, while your data and information is handed off securely.

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Introducing our Managed IT engine room.

Our difference is a service built around 5 core systems. With each system consisting of personnel, process and tech. All 5 systems work cohesively with one another, delivering a well-tuned IT service, we like to refer to as our:
Managed IT Engine Room.

1. IT Help Desk Support.

Our Perth IT Support team are all Microsoft Certified and responsible for the day to day handling of service incidents and change requests. Our service desk members are also the same ones you will see at your office. This way, our service team is able to learn more about your business and build stronger relationships with your team.

While we can speak the tech, our team’s natural ability to engage with our customers on the business level is a true testament to our success. Our team will leave the tech talk at the door and speak a language that will communicate the situation effectively to your staff while clearly conveying any impact to your business.

2. Proactive RMM services.

Locally based in North Perth, our remote monitoring and management team are in charge of proactively monitoring our customer’s cloud and on-premise infrastructure.

Epic IT’s RMM services will detect and resolve issues before they manifest and impact your business. Anything from capacity issues to backup system management, our technology works closely with our team to ensure your system is optimal and protected at all times.

3. Project delivery services.

Our project delivery process draws on all four components of our managed IT engine room in delivering the best project experience to our managed clients. Our projects are well planned and executed on time and budget, to specification.

Whether you are migrating to cloud or moving offices, we are very keen to get started on your next IT project.

4. Virtual CIO’s.

Our technical account managers (TAMS) act as a Virtual CIO to your business. Epic IT TAMS are focused on ensuring the customer’s IT strategy is aligned with their business goals at all times.

Through MSA insights and ongoing engagement, our TAMS also ensure that the performance and output of the MSA is always of the highest standard. A standard that not only exceeds client expectation, but also resonates with our company’s core values.

5. MSA Insights Reporting

We value your investment in our services. That is why all of our services have been designed with complete transparency in mind.

MSA insights give our customers the ability to check in on how their managed service is working for their business. Insights that will demonstrate both the performance and return on investment for the service our customers are subscribed to.

Not only this makes our team accountable as a service provider, it allows the customer to take a front seat delivering them an intimate insight into what is happening across all facets of their day to day IT.

Epic IT Managed Services means better service, maximum transparency and inspired leadership. Working together to drive performance and efficiency within your organisation. Which leads to success.

mattHEW, service manager – epic it

The Managed Service Provider value add.

Our Managed IT Service Agreements deliver powerful, value-add services back to your business or organisation. It is just like having your own internal IT department packed with highly skilled and experienced professionals along with all the industry tools and software necessary to run your IT.

Available on tap and at a fraction of the cost.

Perth IT Help Desk

Responsive, efficient and business minded service desk support, keeping your staff productive and on task.

Onsite IT Support

Very professional and prompt onsite support from the same service desk guys you already know and trust.

Virtual CIO Leadership

IT strategists delivering CIO and project services helping road map and align your tech with business goals.

Server Management

Proactive management of your server environment, backups, alerts and more – super charged by AI and automation.

On Premise Management

Managing on-premise devices such as UPS, network switches, routers, printers and IT general equipment.

Cloud Management

Managing your cloud such as Microsoft 365, Azure and virtual infrastructure powering your organisation.

Cyber Security

Your very own security team overlooking your cyber security, devices and network to mitigate threats in cyber attack.

Device Management

Group management of all your staff computers and devices keeping them patched, optimal and secure.

Network Management

Our local team will monitor your network usage, bottlenecks and threats across your physical site network.

IT Asset Management

Managing your ICT assets and procurement life cycles for your entire infrastructure, so that you don’t need to.

Procurement and Renewals

Managed procurement services where we supply you with the correct hardware, software, subscription or warranty for your specific business needs.

Vendor Management

Managing 3rd party incidences and projects by working closely with your suppliers, vendors and service providers.

MSA Insights Reporting

Access service, performance, health, network and security insight reporting into our service delivery and your ICT’s health.

Self Service Portals

Leverage our internal asset and management platforms to self manage any information or service requests you might have.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Defined service delivery contracts to meet and exceed your expectations in our output as a service provider.

Managed options to suit all needs.

Our managed service agreements have been designed to fit most businesses with the ability to layer advanced services as required.

Building out your MSA package, we will manage everything ICT so that your team can remain productive and on task, without tech issues holding them back.

Our agreements have been designed with flexibility in mind. Flexibility that allows them to scale and adapt as your organisation changes. Our three core support offerings allow you to adjust support engagement levels as required.

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