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Advanced protection and insights.

Our advanced network management and monitoring service complements your existing managed IT services agreement. The service is designed to offer a higher level of management and insights across your physical office network.

Our team will install a security appliance which will be fully managed by Epic IT and integrated into our proactive management platform.

Consistent with all Epic IT’s managed services you will enjoy insights and ability to access interactive reports on demand. These reports will show you summaries of usage and activity across your entire office network.

Comprehensive network management and monitoring for your office.

We ensure every security and performance aspect is covered. Doing so will give you peace of mind knowing your office network is being proactively managed by our team.

Bandwidth shaping

Ability to manipulate your network to enhance performance. Boosting speeds of your line of business applications and services that heavily rely on internet. This service is known as quality of service (QOS) management.

Managed traffic alerting

As a fully managed service our team is immediately alerted events. Alerts include threshold breaches, high usage periods, noisy devices, congestion plus more. Enabling our team to take the required actions sooner to keep your network productive and secure.

Managed intrusion protection

Intrusion, breach and threat detection as it happens mitigating network security threats. The alert system will immediately notify us of breach attempts so that we can take the required steps to protect you. Again, your reporting will display these threats.

Unified threat management

Advanced UTM services providing an additional networking security layer across your office network. This layer will stop virus, malware and dangerous URL links before they can manifest on your devices. All this with the added benefit of interactive reporting.

Interactive reporting

Comprehensive reporting and insights into your entire network. Insights such as usage, browsing content, breaches, dangerous URL’s, antivirus plus much more. Reporting is available on desktop or mobile devices on any hardware from anywhere.

Managed router

Fully installed managed security appliance, supported and regularly updated by our team. Management ensures your security device has the latest security patches and enhancements running. Customer also has the option to keep the router if you choose to end the managed networking service.

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