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Keeping your IT infrastructure well tuned.

Much like servicing a new family car, an IT system is no different. With a car, you manage it closely to ensure it is safe, reliable and optimal for driving your precious cargo down the road. The same strategy should apply to your IT infrastructure.

Your car at first, will be new and presumably reliable. However, as a complex system driving your family safely around town, regular maintenance and management is still part of the schedule. Likewise, your IT drives your business each day. So why would you take a different approach?

Having invested heavily into our management systems, our team has developed a platform that integrates seamlessly into a broad range of IT infrastructure.

So just like a workshop services your family car, our platform will service your IT system. Keeping it secure, reliable and optimal, so that it too can maintain forward momentum for your organisation.

We have invested heavily into our remote management systems. Systems that will enhance your general IT and boost your organisational output, giving you that competitive edge.

Aaron, senior system engineer – epic it

IT infrastructure management.

Our management will cover your entire ICT infrastructure footprint. This includes cloud subscriptions and cloud services through to your on premise servers, printers and network appliances.

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Physical and virtual servers

Our system will provide our RMM team with greater insights. Giving us visibility into your physical or virtual servers on both the hardware, virtualisation and application level.
Critical information is continuously transmitted to our management platform. Information that informs our staff of any predictive or active failures. Our systems also see upcoming breaches in violations and thresholds key to the optimal operation of your infrastructure.
In addition to this, we continuously patch manage and capacity plan around your infrastructure. This also includes management of your backup and redundancy systems to avoid any unexpected situations causing downtime or data loss to your organisation.

General IT hardware

Our MSA will cover management for your general onsite ICT equipment. This equipment consists of (but not limited to) backup power solutions (UPS), network switches, routers, modems and printers.
Our MSA’s service scope will ensure your supported ICT equipment is covered for break fix resolution and change management requests. Our team has the ability to manage your IT both remotely and onsite. Incidences or change requests generally not serviceable remotely, will be escalated onsite for prompt resolution.
Our procurement team will also help manage warranties, subscriptions and renewals of your IT equipment and services.

Cloud systems and subscriptions

Much like an on-premise system, cloud infrastructure still requires management. Albeit less, there are key components to manage, to ensure optimal operation.
Our team will manage your cloud infrastructure platform and their subscriptions. This management will ensure these systems are not bottle necked, degraded or being incorrectly utilised that could negatively impact on your organisation.
For not for profit organisations, we will also manage your Microsoft sponsorship subscription. Tracking its expenditure to ensure we are adjusting to system scaling and foreign exchange rate fluctuations.

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