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Managed IT End Points

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Managed desktop, laptop and mobile devices

The IT management platform is integrated into your end point devices during the Managed IT Services onboard process.

Our software agents have been designed to silently engage and interact with your end point devices, providing a proactive service experience that is neither disruptive nor invasive to your staff’s productivity.

In addition to supporting your workstations and laptops, our system can also manage your smart phone and tablet devices.

How we manage your IT end points and devices

Our Managed IT end points platform consists of the following

Management software

During the Managed IT Service onboard process, a small software agent is deployed to all your devices our team will be managing.

These agents are designed to give our service consultants access and visibility into your end point devices to execute operations, such as script deployments, security implementations / checks or collecting vital IT asset information. Plus much more.

Our team continuously refines and develops these management agents to always provide the highest level of IT support (proactive and reactive) to your computers and devices.

Remote access and support

The management software allows our service consultants to connect and support your device over the internet.

These connections can be configured as “attended” or “unattended” access, meaning your staff have complete control over when our team can and cannot log into your devices to assist.

Once connected, our service consultants can share control over your screen to maximise the support experience for the fix, change or request being serviced.

Health and performance

The IT end point devices our team are managing, continuously feed critical information back to our Perth Network Operations Center (NOC), 24/7.

Our system uses this data to provide dashboard visibility and alerting, allowing our support bots and service consultants to proactively remediate any issues that could potentially disrupt your staff’s productivity levels.

Delivered through our MSA insights service, these health reports are also available for our customers to see.

Device automation

Your managed devices are also empowered to automate many common day-to-day operations for you.

These operations may consist of application deployment / removal, new user profiles creations, system maintenance, controlled software patching, plus much more.

Automation ensures your devices are managed consistently, securely and efficiently. In most cases, running in the background without disrupting the user.

Standard Operating Environment for users

A standard operating environment or SOE is a framework our VCIO team will setup with you shortly after onboard. It is based around your staff profiles to better structure your security, application and general IT procurement management.

Doing so will help better manage what applications your staff require, what access they will need, and from what type of hardware. All based on their organisational profile.

Asset management and procurement

Having your end point devices better managed also gives our team the ability to help you manage your IT assets in general.

This may consist of reviewing the spec of your hardware, managing “end of life” cycles, warranty registrations and renewals etc.

Our VCIO team will use the information we collect to present and help you make more informed decisions around the procurement and replacement of your hardware.

take the first step in achieving better device management and HAVE A CHAT TO OUR TEAM ON .. 08 9228 2945

Have a chat to our team on .. 08 9228 2945

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