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Managed Cyber Security

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Perth company specialising in cyber security services.

As a managed (MSA) customer of Epic IT using the Microsoft 365 platform, our managed cyber security services will improve your security posture for your employees and endpoints.

Epic IT’s cyber security team monitors and protects your Microsoft Office 365 environment, and detects and blocks common cyber attack threats as they occur.

The protection will extend to your staff and their managed devices, so that they can safely access their company resources, such as email, OneDrive and SharePoint data from the internet, knowing they are protected by structured security policies and processes.

Keeping our cyber security team informed in real time.

Our team gets a complete insight into your organisational data security, as threats are automatically logged into our service management system. This real-time security feed keeps our team engaged in mitigating threats and reducing cyber breaches.

cyber security services

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Baseline cyber security services

As a partner of Epic IT, you will have access to our standard stack of managed cyber security services. This is a cyber security baseline our team has developed to ensure your company meets a minimum level of cyber security. During the onboard process, our VCIO team will road map the path to reach this baseline and work closely with your team in achieving it.

In addition, our cyber team can continue to work with you to further strengthen your IT security, which can help your company achieve higher and more formal compliance levels.

Managed cyber security inclusions:

Multi-factor authentication

Our team will use your employees mobile devices to introduce an additional level of authentication to eliminate the risk of unauthorised logins from unknown devices or locations.

DLP Policies

Epic IT will introduce data loss prevention policies to identify and control the handling and sharing of sensitive data on your desktop and mobile environment.

& user risk policies

Our team of security experts can detect suspicious and unknown behaviour in login and user account activity and determine whether accounts have been or are being compromised.


Protect your employees with real-time verification of web addresses (URLs) in emails and office documents.


Protect your employees with real-time verification of email attachments to determine if malicious content exists before it is delivered to your email inbox.

O365 Security Score

A cyber security rating that compares your organisational security with an industry base created by Microsoft.

Continuous assessment

Our team of cybersecurity experts is generally the first to learn about new threats, vulnerabilities, or better techniques to secure your organisation. As the threat landscape develops, so does your security.


Automatically detect and block phishing attempts aimed at getting your team to disclose sensitive information used against your organisation or employees.

O365 Email and Document backups

Secure your cloud data, which consists of e-mail, OneDrive, and SharePoint data, in an alternative data centre that is external and not directly accessible from Microsoft 365 facilities.

Specialised cyber security services

Cyber Security Training

In addition to the above, Epic IT provides specialised cyber security services to improve your security posture and compliance, along with strengthening the overall cyber security awareness and culture of your organisation.

Cyber Security Training

Our team can provide cyber security awareness training to your staff. Targeted campaigns using machine learning (artificial intelligence) to deliver simulated attacks and reporting.

Click to read more about our cyber security training services.

IT Security Penetration Testing

Our team is granted permission by the customer to ethically hack, test and identify potential vulnerabilities within their IT system. The team will document the entire testing process and provide the customer with a detailed security report.

Click to read more about our IT security penetration testing services.

Cyber Security Compliance

Our cyber security experts have helped many businesses improve their cyber security posture. In the same way, our team can also work with your organisation to achieve cyber security compliance.

Click to read more about our cyber security compliance services.

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