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IT hardware relocations, moving office made easy.

Lets face it, moving office is a fun as moving house. While there is excitement of a change in environment for the better, you cannot avoid all the dramas and hassle that comes with an ICT office relocation.

Our team can take some of this hassle away from you at least as far as your ICT concerns go. We will plan, coordinate and then execute the move on the day ensure it is a plug and play experience for your team once they are at their new location.

We focus on the key areas to make your move successful.

Our team will plan, procure and execute your ICT office relocation to deliver your organisation a true plug and play experience


Detailed planning will avoid most situations negatively impacting your office relocation. Our team will study the environment and carefully plan out the relocation. We will consider often overlooked critical elements that will impact the relocation and productivity at the new location.

By working closely with third parties and vendors, we will ensure the new office will be equipped and ready to go. Supporting your busy team picking up where they left off.


Almost each relocation requires a level of procurement. This ensures computing systems are successfully transferred and accessible at the new location.

When moving, networking devices such as switches and routers, communications cabinets and backup UPS power systems are often overlooked. These items require careful planning, sourcing and installation in advance prior to your staff moving.


Our service desk and project teams will see to it the plan is executed efficiently and seamlessly. In doing so we will avoid the usual move day headaches.

We can mobilize required resources at both locations to ensure your team has the right support throughout the day. Our onsite computer support team is backed by our service desk that can can take calls and resolve the fiddly issues. This will assist the onsite team keeps things moving forward on the ground.

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