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NO hassle, FREE IT assessment!

Our rapid free IT assessment is designed to be painless and takes from as little as 30 mins of your time to complete. Our Virtual CIO consultants will step you through the entire assessment process so that you have a complete understanding of the findings, implications and paths to resolution.

The assessment process is run 100% remotely, without the requirement to log into your system or attend onsite. So it is a very confidential and non-invasive method of assessing your current IT posture, leaving zero footprint behind. Perfect if the process requires complete confidentiality or you do not have the necessary access details on hand.

If you are not sure where your IT system is at or just want a fresh set of eyes, doing our free IT assessment is the perfect first step to transforming your IT to better serve your business needs.

A painless deep dive into your IT

We have created a 36 point IT checklist which will address the majority of small to medium sized ICT ecosystems. The checklist has been tried and tested and will help deliver an invaluable representation of your IT posture. The easy to follow report will expose areas of your IT that require attention and will then be accompanied by recommendations to resolve them.

Cyber Security

In the 2020 financial year, Australia experienced a massive 159% increase in cyber security incidents occurring across various business verticals. A quick audit of your cyber security posture is a great way to assess current cyber risks and threats that could potentially impact your information and data security.

Our team will run through a list of best practice processes and implementations taken from the Australian Signals Directorate “Essential Eight” standard. We will compare the standard practices to your existing security measures. We will leverage these security baselines to determine whether or not your system is compliant and protected against cyber security threats and vulnerabilities facing Australian organisations in 2021.

Doing so will help our team develop a deeper understanding on how your current cyber security defences will hold up and what steps you may need to take to improve any areas that fall short.

IT Infrastructure

A check under the hood to see whether your current infrastructure is ticking the right boxes. Our team will seek a quick overview into what you have and how your infrastructure is currently being managed across both your internal and remote networks.

Infrastructure and device management is a rapidly evolving landscape and crucial to maintaining any IT system. Now, as businesses often find themselves working across many different devices and operating systems from many locations, device management is critical to maintaining a stable and secure IT Posture. Whether it is company owned or personal BYO hardware, it is imperative that all of your infrastructure is being managed consistently. And that this infrastructure is also serving your complete IT requirements now with the ability to scale in future as you grow and drive success to your organisation.

Telephony and Internet

A quick review into your existing telephony, unified communications and internet links. Telephony forms a critical component within an organisation’s IT Ecosystem. Over recent years, telephony has fallen under the IT umbrella and for very good reason. A powerful telephony solution is no longer labelled “a telephony solution”. But rather, a collaboration platform that merges traditional voice with virtual video meetings, automatic transcription, chat messaging, document collaboration and so much more. It forms the fabric on how your team communicate and collaborate both internally and externally. Epic IT implement low cost, consumption based collaboration platforms that will replace your tradition phone system with an all encompassing solution.

Your office internet link will dictate how well your team can connect to these solutions and hence should be the first place to review. Our team will review your existing links to ensure you have adequate speeds and redundancy in place to support your IT environment.

Collaboration and Productivity

Over recent years, technology has driven the largest disruptive change in how your team collaborates and produces their work. IT Systems are no longer restrictively bound within the standard realms due to infrastructure limitations. Such boundaries that would traditionally determine how, when and who accesses the IT system. Information systems are now accessible a lot quicker and easier from virtually any location and on any device. And the expectation to deliver this information has also changed.

Your team needs to be embracing technology that allows them to be just as productive from their home and the road as they are in the office. In fact, Epic IT implements collaboration and productivity systems that often make team members more productive from remote locations than what they would be in a fixed office location. This is possible as remote users have no option but to leverage the virtual workspaces and tools that drive efficiency and productivity. All while avoiding the day to day distractions of typical offices environments. Implications mean more work gets done with less overheads. Resulting in smaller offices spaces, focused work output, flexible working arrangements and most importantly, very happy employees.

Business Continuity

If time is money then productivity is king. For a second, imagine what would happen to your business output if your IT was suddenly taken away from you, say for… a week? For many businesses finding their feet in 2021, this kind of disruption could be the final nail and curtain call. Especially given what the world economy had to endure throughout what was an unprecedent 2020 and continues to endure today.

There are many ways where your IT can be taken away from you, without notice. You could fall victim to Cyber Attack and have your data held ransom or you may suffer a critical hardware failure causing significant downtime.

Our rapid assessment will identify on the surface whether or not your business has the structures in place to not only recover your critical information and data in the event of a disaster whether it be accidental, environment or malicious. But also determine whether your current IT Infrastructure has the measures in place to maintain business continuity throughout the event.

Our consultants will examine your backup, redundancy systems and processes in place to see how your business continuity stacks up.

IT Support and Managed Services

Often a key component that gets omitted during an IT audit process, is the Managed IT services an organisation receives to support their team and organisational goals. These services are vital in providing the support an organisation requires to maintain a high level of productivity and output to its customers and fuel the growth trajectory of the business. Waiting around for someone to resolve an IT issue or implement a change to either remedy or improve a process can heavily impact on your organisations output and ability to compete in its relevant industry.

Your organisation needs to know that their IT Support company has their back. Backed by a Service Level Agreement (SLA), your support arrangement should also be optimised to suite your requirements both from a functional and financial perspective. The IT support services you current receive must also have the capacity and skillset to service your organisation’s growth while aligning with your goals.

Our consultants will do a quick review into how your IT support services weigh up. Identify any pain points and then show you how our support structures can help support your business needs both more efficiently and cost effectively.

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