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Managed IT Services for Not-For-Profit

Nothing gives our team more pride than empowering our not-for-profit customers and advancing their cause in giving back to our community.

We understand that managing IT for non-profits means including services such as regular IT strategy planning sessions, annual budgeting and the execution of services that respect both the industry and the people driving it.

Our team also leverages charitable and philanthropic procurement channels to deliver hardware, software and cloud-based solutions to our NFP partners at a fraction of the commercial price.

Specialised Managed IT Services for Not-For-Profit

Specialised managed IT services tailored to the non-profit sector, focusing on IT strategy, information security and training.

Information and Data Security

It is traditionally known that non-profit organizations have been limited to a lower IT budget and slower user adoption of technology than most commercial enterprises.

It is therefore little surprising to also know that many non-profit organisations are now targeted by cyber criminals. With the added responsibility for handling sensitive data such as personal and confidential information, NFP’s can be seen as sitting ducks for cyber attacks.

Epic IT have proven experience in deploying powerful cyber security solutions, processes and training that make it very easy and cost effective for a Not-For-Profit to adopt into their environment.

VCIO and IT Strategy Planning

A clear vision coupled with an effective IT strategy is a winning formula that will drive IT success for any non-profit organisation.

Our VCIO teams consist of an account manager, team leader and senior strategic consultant who are involved in many internal and client-facing discussions. Through these scheduled VCIO discussions and strategy sessions, our team will ensure that as an NFP, your organisation equipped with the necessary leadership and supporting technology to not only drive your cause, but also make you very successful in doing so.

By aligning your technology with your organisational requirements and values, our road maps and strategy design will deliver this success sooner than you may think.

IT Training and Adoption

Slower adoption of technology can be attributed to many factors in a not-for-profit organisation. This could be due to the budget, culture or general demographic of the team.

The personable approach our team takes with NFP’s makes it less of a headache to bring in new technologies and solutions. Through previous deployments and contacts with NFP’s, our team has created a number of processes and training materials that we share with our non-profit members.

Our team offers on-site or remote training for everything from best practice training to new technology solutions that are being implemented. Remote sessions can also be viewed on demand, which is particularly helpful when working from home, which has become the norm for many NFP’s in 2020 and 2021 due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Productivity and Collaboration Tools

Since many non-profit organisations operate from several geographical locations, it is vital that IT brings all team members together into a secure and collaborative work space. Unfortunately, this is a common challenge for many NFP organisations we encounter.

With powerful but cost-effective document management, conference and collaborative platforms powered by Microsoft 365, our team has successfully bridged this collaborative gap and helped many of our Non-Profit customers achieve success.

Project Management and Delivery

When it comes to project management and delivery, we recognise the challenges in implementing successful projects for non-profit organisations. Limited resources, staff “buy in” and the low adoption of new technologies are just a few common challenges in delivering technology based projects to NFP’s.

Through strong leadership, effective communication and training techniques, our project teams have refined our methodologies within this industry and implemented many successful IT projects for our non-profit customers.

We would like to do the same for your organisation.

IT helpdesk and Onsite Support

As a certified Microsoft Gold Partner, our team is well equipped to offer your employees a high level of IT support.

Our IT consultants are all hand-picked and undergo extensive customer engagement training. Our IT service delivery is continuously measured by the continued use of KPIs and Service Level Agreement (SLA) metrics, such as target response and resolution times in servicing each request logged by your team.

We understand that non-profit organisations contain many levels of IT users working within them. Our team is able to communicate effectively with all types or IT users, regardless of how advanced or limited their IT skills may be.

In fact, our service team culture is about training the end user and equipping them with best-practice information so that they can become more competent in leveraging IT to fulfil their role.

Service reporting and Insights

We understand that working within a non-profit organisation can mean wearing many different hats at any time. However, you can easily be forgiven for losing tabs on how your employees work with your managed IT service provider or whether you get the right return on investment you have been sold.

Other questions may include: Are the current IT support levels for your NFP organisation appropriate to your needs? Are your staff’s requests promptly addressed? Are IT systems patched, updated and protected?

For many years, we have been delivering a very transparent managed IT support model to our non-profit partners, which makes some of these common NFP challenges seem effortless to overcome. Our service reports and insights will put you in the driver’s seat and give you a monthly snapshot of your IT service and systems, which consists of IT asset health, service ticket trends, and even staff feedback on our services, to name a few.

We have created a very transparent and accountable managed IT system that collects critical information that is made available to you with a single click.

Not-For-Profit Procurement

Epic IT’s footprint and industry knowledge allows us to offer our non-profit partners a unique NFP procurement experience.

Our account management teams have direct access to Microsoft Gold partner resources, which allows us to offer philanthropic cloud-based services and power up technology to many Perth-based nonprofit organisations. Our team makes it easy to enable these game-changing technologies at a fraction of the normal cost. We are also able to use specialised refurbished or donated hardware / software that is exclusively offered to Perth Not-For-Profit organisations.

We appreciate that budgets are often tight and that many expenditures are financed by grants, which means that they must be well designed with future thinking in mind. We do exactly this when designing an enterprise-level IT system with a limited budget that will last a complete three to four-year procurement cycle.

Data Protection and Business Continuity

Secure data protection, the retention of information due to compliance and continuity of business is crucial for any non-profit organisation. Any loss of data or disruption to the organisation can have a direct impact on someone’s life by not receiving health, counselling or humanitarian assistance.

Unfortunately, in most cases, unreliable technology and inadequate security can be the cause. We are a certified Gold Microsoft Cloud Solutions provider in that we have designed and deployed many secure and highly available cloud systems that require little or no maintenance to ensure that they deliver business continuity to your organisation.

Through our managed IT services, we constantly monitor your security, data protection and uptime to protect you not only from external threats, but also from accidental, malicious, internal threats that you may not know.

Cyber Security Awareness Training for Non Profits

Epic IT has worked with industry leaders to develop a managed cyber security awareness training platform aimed at educating, training and testing your organisation in cyber defence. Our platform is perfect for non-profit organisations, as it is an affordable training option that allows participants to easily interact with and access online content from their existing locations. Our team will monitor progress and hold regular meetings with your organisation to help drive cyber security awareness and improvements.

From simulated phishing attacks targeting entire organisations or departments to “USB drive tests” designed to lure unwary staff, you will soon have an accurate snapshot of where your strongest and weakest security points are. Our team can then work closely with your organisation to help implement changes to address these cyber security gaps.

Managed Cyber Security for Non Profits

By leveraging the power of Microsoft 365 and the Azure security platform, our team has a complete insight into your organisational cyber security. This real-time security feed keeps our team in touch and engaged in eliminating cyber threats and reducing the risk of cyber attack.

Through our managed cyber security solution, our team will help minimise common cyber threats faced by non-profit organisations such as Ransomware attacks, user impersonation, or otherwise very preventable “human error” situations.

Epic IT Managed Cyber Security Solution Lifecyle

Free IT and Security Assessment

We enjoy working with non-profit organisations. By helping these organisations with their technology, we enable them to help others in our community more efficiently and effectively. In fact, we offer a free, no-obligation IT assessment that covers your organisation’s cyber security posture. It takes less than 30 minutes to complete and is a completely non-invasive and confidential process.

This is your first step in working towards a safer environment.

Click here to learn more about our free IT and Cyber Security Assessment Service.

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