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Managed IT Services for the Finance industry

As a “security first” MSP (Managed Services Provider) our team thrives on providing Managed IT Services for the Finance Industry.

Our finance customers are part of a business sector where the secure handling of sensitive and confidential information is top priority. In fact, Epic IT has been providing Managed IT Services to our Perth based finance companies since 2006.

We understand that managing IT for our finance partners means practicing strict information security protocols such password management and sharing, offering cyber security awareness training and regular IT strategy planning to name a few.

In delivering these specialised IT services and solutions to the finance industry, our team has had over 15 years of experience in popular industry “Line of Business” applications such as MYOB and XERO for example.

Specialised Managed IT Services for the Finance Industry

Managed IT Services for finance companies tailored to the industry, focusing on information and data security, collaboration and productivity.

Information and Data Security

As the finance industry moves critical financial data on a daily basis, many finance companies are now targeted by cyber criminals. With the added responsibility for handling sensitive (confidential) data such as personal identifiable information, the finance industry can be seen as a sitting duck for cyber attacks or data breach.

Epic IT have proven experience in deploying powerful cyber security solutions, processes and training that make it very easy and cost effective for a finance companies to adopt into their environment.

VCIO and IT Strategy Planning

A clear vision coupled with an effective IT strategy is a winning formula that will drive IT success for any finance based company.

Our VCIO teams consist of an account manager, team leader and senior strategic consultant who are involved in many internal and client-facing discussions. Through these scheduled VCIO discussions and strategy sessions, our team will ensure that your company is equipped with the necessary leadership and supporting technology to help deliver a secure and effective service to your customers.

Cyber Security Awareness Training

Epic IT’s cybersecurity training platform is perfect for the finance industry. Financial companies and their consultants normally operate out of many fixed and remote environments. The training platform is configured to allow allow participants to easily interact with and access online content from any of these locations.

Read more about our Cybersecurity Awareness Training approach.

Productivity and Collaboration Tools

Since many finance companies operate from several geographical locations by leveraging services from roaming financial consultants, it is vital that IT brings all team members together into a secure and collaborative work space.

With powerful but cost-effective document management, conference and collaborative platforms powered by Microsoft 365, our team has successfully bridged this collaborative gap and helped many of our finance customers achieve success.

IT Project Management

Our IT project management teams have a refined approach to project delivery catered to the financial industry and implemented many successful IT projects for these customers.

Read more about our IT Project Management approach.

IT Helpdesk and onsite support

We understand the finance industry and how critical the delicate nature between being “IT secure” and “IT flexible” can be to the success of the business.

We have implemented specific processes catered to the finance industry which allows our IT Helpdesk team to deliver (securely) an exceptionally high level of IT Helpdesk and Onsite support to these customers.

Learn more about our Managed IT Support services.

Free IT and Security Assessment

We enjoy working with finance industry. By helping these companies with their technology, we enable them to deliver secure and effective service to their own customers. In fact, we offer a free, no-obligation IT assessment that covers your companies cyber security posture. It takes less than 30 minutes to complete and is a completely non-invasive and confidential process.

This is your first step in working towards a safer environment where both your team and your customers can operate out from.

Click here to learn more about our free IT and Cyber Security Assessment Service.

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