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Microsoft choose Epic IT to promote Cyber Security

By Greg Markowski / Nov 12, 2020 / Epic News

Microsoft will be super charging our ES Managed Cyber Security Solution in Perth, WA

Our team is doing some fantastic work in the cyber security space and it has caught the eye of Microsoft Australia. So much so that Epic IT have been hand picked by Microsoft to help promote our latest Managed Cyber Security offering in Perth and throughout Western Australia. Work has already commenced with the Microsoft marketing team in developing a strategy around targeting specific market verticals. The campaign will connect with small to medium sized businesses that would benefit most from our managed cyber security solution. These businesses will fall into the finance, health, legal and other sectors where sensitive and confidential information is being handled on a daily basis.

Cyber Security for Perth Business

Our managed cyber security offering consists of an integrated managed system that is powered by Microsoft’s Azure Services. Leveraging machine learning and AI algorithms in conjunction with our backend service platform, the offering delivers a fully managed smart security product that continues to learn and adapt to an evolving threat landscape.

The system will learn your business, your staff and their movements in order to protect them against malicious activity and threats. All malicious activity and threats are managed by our local security team allowing us to proactively respond before threats turn into data breaches.

For more information on our cyber security offering please click here.

We are very exciting to be partnering with Microsoft on this campaign. The partnership will enable our team to reach more vulnerable SMB partners throughout Perth and Western Australia in a shorter period of time. This means many of these businesses will soon be in a great position to drastically reduce the risk of data breach within their organisation.

greg markowski, managing director

Marketing campaign will be launching January 2021

The cyber security campaign has been fast tracked and scheduled for launch second half of January 2021. But if you are an existing or new customer, do not wait until then and have a chat to our team today regarding your current cyber security posture.

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