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Epic Difference / Epic Stuff

The Epic DNA

As a passionate group of individuals, collectively we work as a single unit. That is simply because our staff love coming to work each day and going home a better version of themselves.

Our team is very motivated and always strives for self-improvement. As we as people improve, company advancement is just a bi-product as our internal company success translates to external success for our customers.

This is our DNA and is the blueprint of our ongoing success.

Any organisation is only as successful as the people inside of it. As a business owner it is critical to surround yourself with the correct personnel to complement your skills and cover your shortfalls, delivering a dynamic and successful collective. At Epic IT, we have done just that.

Greg Markowski, Managing Director – epic it

Our Company Values

We have given this some thought. Our company values represent everything from our internal company culture right through to the brand and product we deliver to our customers on a daily basis. Aligning with these core values ensures our client success is just a reflection of our internal success.


Enabling — powerful ICT solutions and support services that will deliver a productive, collaborative and secure environment for our customers to thrive.

Enabling — career opportunities and mechanisms to promote self-improvement amongst our staff and providing the necessary tools and environment to thrive.


Leading — by implementing a strong ICT strategy for our customers that aligns with their goals and leading them through this journey, from vision to reality.

Leading — our staff by creating an environment for them to easily access mentoring, training and direction making their vision of success turn to reality.


Success — by delivering ICT enablement through strong leadership, we are maximising our customer ICT potential and driving more success to their organisation.

Success — by helping our staff achieve a better version of themselves in an environment built on opportunity, enablement and leadership.

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Our Culture

Our DNA and core values lay the foundation for a very vibrant culture. A culture surrounded by self-improvement and an opportunity to be creative, all backed by an open-door policy.


From day one, we begin planning out a road map for personal growth aligning with both company and staff goals. Through leadership, training, opportunity and experience we drive self-improvement and career advancement.

Creativity on Tap

Our innovation is driven by our will to create and be creative. It is this flow of creativity that drives our solutions. Building and promoting an environment to innovate, allows today’s ideas to flow into the inception of tomorrow’s solutions.

Open Door Policy

Epic IT’s transparency is not limited to our brand and product. Removing internal barriers promotes an open door policy environment where everyone can speak to anyone no matter what their role or position may be.

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