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EFM Network Provisioning

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Gilmac Gilmac

Gilmac have a long term association with Epic IT spanning half a decade. The basis of this relationship has been solidly built on a "good old fashion" service that is delivered time in and time out.

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EFM Network Provisioning

Leveraging existing copper infrastructure to deliver high speed internet to your organisation

EFM or better known as "bonded internet" is derived from the term "Ethernet in the first mile" where high speed internet connections are achieved by joining (bonding) multiple copper lines together to deliver this service to your premises. It is generally a more cost effective alternative to fibre optic services in areas where fibre is not feasible due to infrastructure limitations. EFM connections are more widely available around Perth due to the abundance of existing copper network however are still subject to traditional limitations that come with copper. Selecting between EFM and other internet services needs careful consideration and planning and Epic IT will guide you through this process to ensure you make the correct choice for your business.

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