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Data Protection & Backup Strategy

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Gilmac Gilmac

Gilmac have a long term association with Epic IT spanning half a decade. The basis of this relationship has been solidly built on a "good old fashion" service that is delivered time in and time out.

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Data Protection & Backup Strategy

Protect your business data and systems from failure

Any business, big or small, cannot afford to experience data or system failure without adequate recovery plans in place. A disaster recovery plan is the documented and "rehearsed" process involved in restoring your critical IT operations in the event of suffering a massive data and / or operational loss. Data loss can range in severity and stem from a number of scenarios. Whether it is a user deleting a file, your office being flooded or even theft, a business needs to remain operational and maintain business continuity and data integrity at all times.

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By reviewing your processes and business continuity requirements, the team at Epic will design a data protection strategy that can be easily managed and executed when required. The systems and processes Epic IT implement can either be administered by your local staff or completely outsourced to our expert team and managed through our ICT managed service offerings.

" It is fact that 43% of organizations suffering a complete data loss will never reopen, 51% close within two years and only 6% survive long-term [1]."

Can you afford not to?

Most equipment is easily replaceable, insurance companies provide this service, but what about your company data, system configuration, software or even just your general system up time? Can you put a price on losing all of these business components or even just some? If your office was to suffer a disaster as listed above, could you answer the following questions:

  • Do you know the hardware and software specifications of your server and workstations?
  • Do you know which programs are critical for the day-to-day operation of your company?
  • Do you know where the backup, installation media and licensing information resides?
  • How much data would you lose in the above scenario and which operations will be affected?
  • Which services need to be restored first and in which order?
  • Do you know where the relevant backup media resides?
  • Who is in charge of restoring the data / operations?
  • Have these backups been tested?
  • What new equipment would you need to order? When will it arrive and from where will you order it?
  • How long will the total restore process take?

The above information is just a sample of what is required to formulate an effective and reliable backup system and disaster recovery plan. When engaged, an Epic IT consultant will be meet you face to face to specify, design and develop an effective disaster recovery environment that will ensure business continuity no matter what event your organization endures.

[1] Hoffer, Jim. "Backing Up Business - Industry Trend or Event." Health Management Technology

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