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Frequently Asked Questions

ICT Services Frequently Asked Questions

Prefer to do some research on our IT support services before contacting us? hopefully our ICT Services FAQ's page below can answer some of your questions before you are ready to ring!

IT SUPPORT IN PERTH? - How long has Epic IT been providing IT support to Perth customers?

THERE ARE MANY PERTH IT CONSULTANTS AROUND, WHAT SHOULD I LOOK OUT FOR? - What things should I be looking for in an IT Support Consultant to look after my business or organisation?

MANAGED IT SERVICES PROVIDER (MSP) IN PERTH? - What is a Managed IT Services Provider or MSP and is Epic IT one of these?

UNLIMITED FIXED PRICE IT SUPPORT? - What is unlimited fixed price IT Support and does Epic IT provider this service in Perth?

CAN YOU WALK THE WALK? - Your computer support services in Perth sound very impressive, can you back it up with some client feedback?

HOW QUICKLY CAN I GET IT SUPPORT IN PERTH? - Your computer support services sound great but how quickly can I get an IT support technician out to help me?

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A VIRTUAL SERVER AND PHYSICAL SERVER? - What is all this talk about Virtual Servers, and how do they differ from a normal server box I am familiar in managing or purchasing?

WHAT IS A COMPUTER NETWORK? - can we please start from the beginning?

WHAT IS A WIRELESS NETWORK? - ok I know what a cabled network is, so what is office and home wireless networking?

WHAT IS A MOBILE DATA NETWORK? - how if this different than my wireless home or wireless network?

WHAT IS A WIRELESS ACCESS POINT? - I have heard people mention it but what does a wireless access point do?

CAN I HAVE WIRELESS AT THE OFFICE OR HOME? - so now that I know what it is, can I have a wireless network installed at my office or home?

IS A WIRELESS NETWORK SECURE? - can anyone access my network that is in range and steal my data?


Epic IT have been providing quality IT support to its Perth customers for over 15 years. Our certified computer support staff and engineers have collectively over 75 years experience in the industry. Our computer support services range from desktop level basic break / fix support to advanced network / server migration and integrations. Our computer support services are not just limited to Perth. Our supported coverage stretches all over the state supporting many mining and resource based clients situated in Australia's north west. We also support a large amount of clients in all major states around Australia and act as local computer support agents for many interstate IT service providers.


Common Question! But first thing you should be asking yourself is would you prefer a single IT Consultant "all rounder" managing your entire business IT department or would you prefer a TEAM of IT Consultants each specialising in their own department such as IT Support, IT Service management, Network Engineers, Server Engineers, Project Managers, Technical Account Managers, Virtual Chief Information Officers (VCIO) and Sales Managers all working cohesively together to deliver an end to end IT Department at your complete disposal. One that isnt too busy for you or "on another job", one that is in touch with industry trends / opportunities and one that doesnt go on holidays, get sick or even worse quit leaving you in the lurch. Our advice, is to find an IT Company that can give you the complete solution, supply great feedback from their customers and one that has been around to stand the test of time. Epic IT have been around for over 12 years, receive great feedback from our complete end to end IT Support services and nothing would make us happier than sharing this positive feedback with you.


Epic IT is most defintely an MSP (Managed Services Provider). A MSP is an IT Services provider that will not only provide support for immediate issues, but will also proactively manage your entire ICT infrastructure including core elements such as preventative maintenance, service level agreements (guaranteed response times), account management and virtual CIO planning services all under a simple fixed monthly price unlimited support structure. Managed Services is how professional IT support services are delivered in 2019 as it enables the MSP to significantly invest and engage in the clients business processes and infrastructure, deliverying a very high proactive level of service. If you would like to learn more about Epic IT's Managed IT Services please go to Managed IT Services.


Epic IT offer unlimited fixed price IT support services through their MSA (Managed Services Agreement) offerings. This simply means as an MSA customer, you can engage our support services as often and for as long as you need to fix the issue you have and not be charged on a per hour basis. You as the customer will recieve a fixed price monthly invoice that will include your unlimited support at the start of each momth. If you would like to learn more about Epic IT's Managed IT Services please go to Managed IT Services.


Not only is Perth one of the most beautiful cities in the world it is also known for its small degree of separation. I am sure you will agree that good service goes a long way and word of mouth is everything when it comes to computer support in Perth. As over 60% of our customers are acquired through referral, it goes to say what level of service you can expect from a computer support company that has been around the traps and stood the test of time. We insist that you see for yourself what our clients have to say about our computer support services so please visit our ICT case study success stories. If that isnt enough check out what Rugby legend Nathan Sharpe has to say about our services...

Nathan Sharpe

"I highly recommend the Epic team to anyone looking for reliable and quick Cloud and ICT solutions as they are 100% WA owned, based and operated right here in Perth."

Nathan Sharpe
Western Force and Wallabies great


When you partner with Epic IT computer support, you will find we are very responsive. Our IT support services are based around service level agreements (SLA's) and the ITIL framework model. This means we have a very well trained service desk that will, when engaged, ensure a responsive and high level of computer support to your business. Depending on your SLA and impact / severity of the issue, generally our IT support technicians and engineers are able to assist same day or within a few minutes with the more critical issues. Please visit computer support services for more information about our support.


A virtual server is a fully operational server with one difference. A virtual server is housed on a single physical server along with 1 or more other virtual servers. Virtual servers share resources amongst each other through one physical server known as the "host". A virtual server and all its data / processes are completed isolated from other virtual servers and its host. So in a logical sense there is absolutely no difference between a virtual server and normal traditional server. Virtual servers are very portable and maximize utilization of your physical servers resources.

A physical server refers more to a single operating system / single host type scenario. This means that one server operating system is installed directly onto the physical host which has complete exclusive access to the physical servers resources. With physical servers, there is no ability to install more servers "side by side" within the same physical server. You will find with physical servers, they tend to be poorly utilized by the single operating system installed on it.


A computer network can be physically wired (with cables) or wireless (WI-FI Radio waves). A computer network allows your computers to communicate with other computers attached to the network. You can share files, music and internet plus much more on a network.


A Wireless network is a network that does not use traditional network cables such as CAT-5 or CAT-6 "blue cables". It uses WI-FI radio signals to communicate and transmit data across to other computers and gateways etc . Wireless networks these days have a 100m to 300m range depending on the building and are rapidly becoming the standard way of data sharing and transmission within an office or home environment. Wireless networks should not be confused with a mobile data network.


A mobile data network is a network that your standard mobile phone or smart phone operates off. The network is generally transmitted Australia wide providing there is mobile coverage in the area. These days the 4G mobile data network, offered by larger carriers such as Telstra and Optus is transmitted throughout most major cities allowing smart phones and mobile computers (with a built in mobile network modem) to connect and access the internet. The 3G network is then transmitted into extended outer metro areas where 4G is unavailable. Unlike a private wireless home or office network, a mobile network is not generally as secured and care must be taken accessing data through it.


A wireless access point acts like a traditional network hub for all wireless devices on a network. It joins all the devices such as computers, Printers and PDA's wirelessly and controls certain aspects of the network such as traffic flow and security.


YES! Unless you work or live in a lead wall house, a wireless network can generally be setup anywhere effectively. There are however factors that may interfere with a wireless network installation and they are devices that use similar frequencies ranging from cordless phones to even microwave ovens! In that case it might just require you to move the device or wireless access point to another room or location for less interference. Our staff will always recommend using wireless networks at the office as more of a "convenience" network rather than primary. Seeing as wireless networks are susceptible to interference and performance issues, it is not good practice to base your entire data network on this type of infrastructure. In an office environment, wireless networks are more recommended for use with smart phones and / or mobile devices in the office. Wireless networks are also generally used in the office when staff need to move around or when a client or provider needs to quickly connect to your network.


YES! Although not as secure as a wired network, wireless networks can be configured to be "almost" as secure. All data transmission can be encrypted with an encryption key allowing only known machines to receive and decrypt this information. Access lists can also be configured to grant access to only certain devices that the access point knows of. Other foreign devices will not be able to access the wireless network even if they have the correct password / key.