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Secure Offsite Backups

Case Studies

Timik Developments Timik Developments

Timik Developments required a solution that would be easily accessible from both their Perth and Karratha based offices. Epic IT had the solution.

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Perth secure offsite backups

Leverage our cloud infrastructure to protect your critical business data.

Epic IT's internet based offsite backups will backup your critical data to our secure data center located in the Perth CBD during the day or while you sleep. The process does not affect your daily or 24x7 business operations and is 100% automated.

Using a standard broadband connection, data backups can be backed up and retrieved very easily via a specialized software agent that is installed locally on the computer or server containing the data to be protected.

It is so simple, anyone in your organization that can use a web browser can now manage and even restore your backups.

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Offsite backups made easy..

  • Your data is securely stored in our Perth based enterprise data center.
  • Supports VMware / Hyper-V, Microsoft Exchange Server mail-level backup, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, Lotus Domino, Lotus Notes, and MySQL Database.
  • Features include Continuous Data Protection, In-File Delta, open-file backup, agent and web based management console.
  • Unlimited secure SSL encrypted and password protected backup sets available for retrieval and recovery from any computer or server connected to the internet at any time.
  • Completely "media-less" meaning no more cumbersome media rotations.
  • Fully automated so critical offsite backups continue to run completely unattended and on schedule.
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