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Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud Computing Frequently Asked Questions

We are excited to speak Cloud Servers with you, but maybe our Cloud Computing FAQ's page can answer some of your questions before you are ready to ring us?

CLOUD COMPUTING A LITTLE CLOUDY? - a term used very loosely in the IT community, but what does clouding computing actually represent?

HOW CAN CLOUD COMPUTING SAVE MY BUSINESSS MONEY? - is it actually cheaper for my business to use cloud on a PAYG per month model?

IS MY CLOUD SECURE? - number one question in cloud computing, is my data safe and secure from cyber hackers?

CLOUD COMPUTING SUPPORT? - who can help support my cloud server?

CAN I ACCESS MY CLOUD ON THE ROAD OR ABROAD? - I want to make sure my cloud computing system is accessible from anywhere anytime - is this possible?

TRY BEFORE I BUY? - Am I able to try out a demo cloud server for free before I sign up?

COST TO MIGRATE TO CLOUD COMPUTING? - OK, If I decide to migrate to your cloud computing infrastructure based in Perth, how much will it cost my business?

DISASTER RECOVERY AND BUSINESS CONTINUITY OF MY CLOUD SYSTEM? - What happens if your cloud infrastructure suffers equipment failure or complete disaster, what measures do you have in place to minimize data loss and maximize uptime of my cloud server?

WHERE ARE MY OFFSITE BACKUPS KEPT? - How do I know where my data is being kept and if its secure?

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A CLOUD SERVER AND CO-LOCATION SERVER? - Both options are offsite servers? what is the difference between the two?


There is no doubt that clouding computing is the new buzz word that has in recent years exploded onto the world market. People have began referring to just about any online service to be using "the cloud". As I write this FAQ, I even heard someone saying their home security system is "on the cloud" - so what the heck is cloud and where can one draw the line?

Cloud computing refers to a pool of computing resources that can be leveraged from anywhere, anytime over a network typically the internet. The cloud service is delivered as a "SaaS" (Software As A Service) to the end user without the overheads of dedicated hardware and software for the client to otherwise have to provide themselves.

So basically speaking the CLOUD COMPUTING term can be used in many applications following the "SaaS" delivery model to the end user. For information on Epic IT's cloud computing products, please visit our cloud computing perth link.


Which ever way you look at it, Cloud Computing is cheaper. Although on the surface it may appear you are continually paying each month for something you could possibly buy yourself "in-house" and only pay once off, this is not the case. You need to compare apples with apples and oranges with oranges. Are you comparing performance? reliability? overheads? speed? up time? business continuity? backups? offsite data and server replication between the two solutions? Add up and compare all the features and then assume your "in-house" system will need to be replaced after 3 years. There are many more aspects to cloud computing than meets the eye. Only then you will realize that cloud computing can save you up to 80% on IT expenditure and overheads by giving you a system that is an "on demand" service you don't need to maintain or up keep, a system that follows you where you or your business goes and is always there good times and bad.

Cloud computing is also scalable and in today's volatile business environment, it is the perfect option during ramp up or ramp down production cycles. The Microsoft SPLA model is based on a PAYG (pay as you go) system. If you require more licenses, you add them onto your agreement. If you decide business is quiet and you need to scale down, you can just as easily remove them from your agreement. This was never the case with traditional perpetual Microsoft licensing models where the end user had to pay up front and hope for the best.

Just sit back and do the math, or better yet have one of Epic IT's consultants do the math for you - then you will kick yourself you didn't move your organization into the cloud earlier. Better later than never!


Simple answer is Yes! You will find your cloud computing environment has better security measures in place than your own in-house system. For starters, Epic IT's primary cloud computing environment is housed in Perth's leading enterprise class data center in the CBD. You can see for yourself at Physical security is state of the art as the center is armed with layers of biometric scanners, security doors, CCTV, monitored access not to mention military grade bullet proof glassing. The center is also protected with fire proof systems Perth business could only dream of owning. Can you imagine any Perth offices with better security? Do not be fooled by cheap hosting providers claiming genuine data center facilities. Ask to see their facility and see what they say, I am sure you will be quickly given an excuse why this is not possible as there is a good chance it may be located in their back shed at home! Ask to see ours, and we will be happy to organize an escort through the premises, infact we insist you see for yourself what a real data center looks like and where your data will be sitting.

As far as network and data security is concerned, our systems are protected by state of the art CISCO firewall / routers and switches with additional layers of software based firewalls in place. Our systems have automatic blacklisting and shunting in place coupled with advanced access list firewalling. With the added benefit of network engineers keeping a close eye 24 / 7 you can have the peace of mind that your system is in good hands. Your cloud computing environment is also completely isolated from the next customer so there is no way data can be viewed by unauthorized parties.

Now ask yourself, does your current physical system tick all these boxes ? If so, how much is it really costing you each month ?


We will support you! Not only we own all of our equipment 100% empowering us with full creative control over our cloud infrastructure we will also help migrate and continue to support your cloud system for you. With our various flexible support packages including system monitoring and maintenance plans, Epic IT staff will give you the high level of support you need to take your cloud computing experience to the next level. After all, we are not just a leading cloud service provider, but also a diverse ICT support provider boasting a highly responsive and experienced helpdesk, services desk and talented systems engineers and integrators.

Epic IT will ensure your system remains online 24 / 7 from the cloud infrastructure level right through into the application level inside your server operating system. We can work in with your existing ICT computer support team or completely take control and be your external ICT service desk that you can call your own.


You most certainly can. Infact this is one of the key benefits of a cloud system and its ability to follow you whether you are in the office, home, on the road or even overseas. As long as you have an internet connection, you will always be in touch with your critical data such as emails, calendar appointments or important documents on the go.

This access is not just limited to notebook computers and laptops. Cloud computing enables you to also access your key data securely via your preferred smart phone or tablet PC. Your cloud computing environment will allow you to work transparently where ever you may physically find yourself at the time.


Absolutely. If you are unsure whether cloud computing is for you why not try it out first for free at no obligation. Please contact our sales team and organize a free 30 day trial on an Epic IT cloud server. Within minutes you will have access to one of our Microsoft Windows based cloud servers with your own secure logon account and sample data. See how fast MYOB or Quickbooks runs via our cloud server. Open up Microsoft Word or Excel documents from the comfort of your office or even lounge room! Please contact us to arrange a cloud server trial and see for yourself what all the excitement is about.


Good question and even better answer. Migrating to our cloud infrastructure based in Perth is cheaper and faster than you may think. Depending on setup, requirements and size of your business, a cloud server usually takes about 24 to 48 hours to commission. The cloud network migration itself tends to take between 1 to 2 days offsite and onsite again depending on your setup and requirements. Our cloud integrators and support staff have many years experience in cloud network migrations. Over time and from the successful completion of many cloud computing migration projects, we have developed and refined a very efficient and cost effective process that not only saves you money but subjects your business to minimal disruption and downtime.


All our equipment in both our primary and secondary fail over sites are based on N+1 redundancy meaning that systems will fail over very quickly if our cloud computing network suffers a degree of failure. If our primary cloud computing data center located in Perth CBD was to suffer a complete disaster or extended outage from factors out of our control (natural disaster etc), we have a secondary fail over site in place that will limit data loss and ensure business continuity. Depending on your disaster recovery and backup strategy you couple with your cloud server, we can have your cloud server fail over to our secondary site within the same time it takes to reboot your cloud server! This is thanks to our dedicated secure and high speed private fibre optic network we have between the two sites, ensuring your critical business data is backed up and mirrored offsite at all times.


Very common question when it comes to our offsite backup service. All of our offsite backup data is securely stored in Perth. Your data is backed up via the secure SSL protocol and stored in our enterprise class data center located in the Perth CBD. Physical access is strictly restricted to our hosting department administrators only with Biometric/security card controlled access to all our equipment.


A cloud server plan will give you your very own cloud server (file / application / email server etc). However this cloud server will completely run off Epic IT's hardware / software platform. A co-location server service on the other hand, is when the client brings their own physical server into our datacenter facility. Depending on requirements we install the server and provide data / hosting services such as backup integration, disaster recovery offsite replication, onsite fail over etc.